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The Crystallyne entities...

Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016



It all started out as a simple day with a classic drink that was flavoured with crystals; there was something different about these crystals though. Unlike the usual powdery substance this one had a low hum to it. Its vibration would make it sound like its singing as it was poured into a glass of water. There were special properties in these crystals... they enhanced the immune system to a point where even a poke could feel like you were just stabbed, a fist would hit a person like a ton of bricks. It was Crystallyne. 

Now with all things that are as suspicious as this there are side effects... they made your body so strong but you would lose all feeling in your extremities.  It is almost like you could not feel your body anymore but you were conscious enough to feel like you were a spirit occupying a vessel, a body. Now it was not just the physical aspect of losing feeling you actually became emotionless. Even though you were conscious of what you were doing you really became apathetic and would let the moments unfold in front of you. I was one of the first to use Crystallyne... It was not something that I was proud of and in most points of view it could be interpreted as though I was forced to use Crystallyne.

It was an early summer and I was outside at a friend's place. We had Crystallyne in bottles that looked amber in colour; some people would mistake them for beer. There were others there but I stuck close to my friend with 3 others that I was acquainted with. We were known to be rough housing type of people; and it did not help that we succumbed to several bottles of Cyrstallyne. Now there are several varieties of ways to prepare a drink that was Crystallyne, but we only had the simple kind, and it was a low ratio of water to crystal content, but the effect is always the same...

It was not long after my umpteenth drink that my brother showed up to see if I was ready for a hike to a small cabin that we use to live in when we were kids. He was accompanied by a girl that I was very much in love with so it did not take much time before we departed. My friends were ready to see me off. Since we were hyped up on Crystallyne we always had a rough housing way of saying bye to each other. So one of them tackled me, another gave me a haymaker to the shoulder the other simply shook my hand firmly to the point of almost breaking my hand, and the other just slapped me upside the head. Now even though this may sound very violent and should make a person break from each of these kinds of hits, my body did not move, and I felt nothing other than the intention behind why they did it; it was to make sure they were at the breaking point of being fully aware of their actions. They all gave a good chuckle and nodded me off.

My brother and the lovely lady of my dreams and me headed out. They were fully aware of what Crystallyne did to a person and they knew I would need time to come down off the "high" it gives a person. It was normal in this day in age to see many others doing the same thing; but there was one significant difference with myself and the 4 other guys that I was with... we were the first ones to be affected by Crystallyne.
It was something that very few people knew and it was not a voluntary thing. We continued our hike through the old path that has been worn in by weather and travel. We had been travelling to this little cabin for the last several years, but this would be the first time I have been there as a Crystallyne being; that was the nickname that was given by the crystal that inhabited my body; which was the origin of why I was the first. Nobody knew about this other than my brother and my lover.  We were going to have a meditation circle at the cabin to see if we could communicate with the crystalline entity that inhabited me. I knew we could communicate with it because I have talked with it for the last 8 months; and it was ready to speak with others, but they knew nothing about what was going to happen. They did not know they could speak with the crystalline entity, but they knew it was there.

As we reached the last few meters to the cabin there was a sudden rush of energy that came to me; it was the presence of the crystalline entity taking control of my body. It was never easy for the entity to possess me but with the extra crystallyne in my system it was relatively easy. Before there was complete control given over to the entity it asked me something I would never forget; [You will have to find your own way back...] with that my consciousness fell into a deep meditative state that could be characterized as a lucid dream. I was fully aware of what the crystallyne was doing to my body... it was transforming it and soon I would no longer be able to stay in the physical plane of existence. The only thing I knew about the crystalline entity were its intentions; it wanted to save those few that were still going to be in the physical realm through the trial of fire.

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