Feeling Flushed

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How even the public bathroom is no longer a sacred place

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



So I'm in the ladies room at my place of work.  I walk out of the stall and proceed to the sink to wash my hands when a middle aged woman comes out of the handicap stall all a flutter and begins to me how her bladder doesn't work right and then shows me the wet stain on the back of her jeans.  Now when I'm in a public bathroom I tend to mind my own business.  Why this woman, who I've never seen before in my life, felt the need to talk to a total stranger about her bladder troubles is a mystery to me.  I like to think the bathroom is a sanctuary.  Especially at home.  Where in the privacy of that space, we are free to take care of any troubles, physical or vanity, without prying eyes to judge us.  I tend not to make eye contact with anyone in a public bathroom.  I can only guess I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time when this particular person decided to confide in me about her physical plumbing problem.  This incident happened last year and thankfully nothing like it has happened since.

Aside from the bathroom being a private place, it boggles my mind on how our public bathroom gets so trashed on a daily basis.  Especially in the ladies room.  I wonder sometimes if these women were raised under a roof or up a tree!  The toilets get clogged with all kinds of waste and toilet paper all over the floor.  Sometimes they won't even flush the toilet.  Those aren't outhouses people!  We do have indoor plumbing!  I guess this strange bowl with water in it  to dispose physical waste is a new concept to a lot of people, even in this modern society.   So please, the next time you find yourself in need of a public bathroom remember there are others who are using it too.  And I promise, if you press that little silver handle after you finish doing your business, you won't get sucked down to the center of the earth.

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