The war between the plants and humans

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
plant and human having a war, human wins atlast

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011




  First of all let me tell you people this is a TRUE STORY! The plants was having a war with the human(kinda weird right?), the plants were too strong, the human lost all their hope. And suddenly the heroes came and save the human, and they were Naruto, Sauske and Sakura.

  A very long time ago, the population of earth was zero. As time passes, animals, plants, started to appear on earth, and lastly the humans. The humans were basically the strongest at that time, their hunting skills which keeps them alive, fighting dangerous animals and struggle to survive. Not like today we could just buy food and things, yeah. The plants started to worry. And one day the ancestor of the plants spoke.

"cough cough, everyone please listen up. We are the weakest in all three kinds of species of lives. We gotta make ourselves strong enough to fight for ourselves. Now imagine that all the animals have died out, what will the human do?"

"They will eat us!"said a random plant

"Yes! They will eventually eat us, and we don't want to be eaten do we?"

"No we don't!" cried the plants

"So we gotta be strong and stay together and defeat the humans!" in all of a sudden, there was a flash of light.The light disappeared, and there was an old man standing

"Wow, such adorable plants"said the old man

"Wait a moment, who are you and what are you doing here?" asked the ancestor

"Oh right i almost forgot, I'm sent down by the gods to give you the power to defeat humans"

"Really?!?!?!?!?" asked the ancestor

"Oh of course!"said the old man and he took out a glass ball and handed it to the ancestor

"This ball has all the powers you need to to defeat your enemy, use the power wisely boy…" right after the sentence was finished, the old man disappeared. 

"ancestor! Are you going to use that power?"said a random plant

"Well actually i don't know, but we could try."said the ancestor.


  At the underworld, the massager sent a message to the dark lord. 

"Are you going to help the plants my lord?"asked the massager

"Hahaha, I'm not helping them, I'm just wanting to see whats going to happen next" said the dark lord

"Oh but you gave them the power of Hades"said the massager, as the dark lord turns around he said

"It's just 1%of his power and it's show time" the dark lord is an old man, it was the old man that gave the power to the plants!


  Now at the future world, there is a place call the Konoha village, it's a ninja village. The three ninjas were sent to the past to save the human.The three ninjas were Naruto, Sauske and Sakura.


  Now at the past, the war has already started, the human were winning. At this time the ancestor of the  plants took out the glass ball and cried

"please give us the power to defeat our enemy!" and all of a sudden, hands are sticking out of the soil, later on the plants have a zombie army

"HAHAHAHA! Yes! Defeat my enemy!" cried the ancestor, the humans are losing after the zombies have came out. The humans have lost all their hopes, and the heroes have appeared(does this sentence sound familiar?)

they are the three ninjas.

"KAGEFUNSHIN NO Justu!"said Naruto, and then there are three narutoes

"FOUN TONG-RASENSHURIKEN"cried Naruto and there is a shape of a weapon which ninja uses on Naruto's hand, he threw it out, it expanded, and killed lots of enemies.

"KA TONG-GOGAKIU NO Justu!"cried the other ninja called Sauske, and suddenly he blew fire out of his mouth.The third ninja Sakura had a lot of strength, which killed a lot of enemies too.


  In about 1 hour the enemies were defeated, the ancestor of the plants were burnt into ashes. The ninjas left, the human remembered them. Because they were their heroes.

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