the zombies and the gods

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Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012




  "Hello, there" said George,it was a dead silence until Gino said"Do i know you?" "Oh unfortunately not, but…" "Get out of my way." Gino shouted to George, George didn't even get the chance to finish his sentence. I came and saw George with a really sad face, so I walked up to him and said "Yo was sup bro?What happened man?" "Oh, it's just Gino, he still wouldn't be friend with me, he just pretended that he didn't know me." replied George in a sad voice, "Oh don't worry, I'm sure he will want to be friends with you."

  i guess i should start from the beginning, i'm Wilfred. I'm 12 years old, i love to play guitar, and hang out with Gino and George. I am one of the "good" student in his class.

George is 12 year old, he is from England. He loves playing xbox, soccer and basketball. He has a name which the girls calls him "The Playboy". Gino is 12 years old, he loves to play xbox too, and he is the lol master, and a comedian, he makes really funny jokes, when he is extremely bored. Today, when i was walking home with Gino and George, we started chatting about the greek gods. "Hey, guys who is your favorite god in the greek gods?" asked Gino, as he took out a snickers bar, and started to eat. "Ummmmm… Poseidon" I said. Later, George said" I don't have a favorite god, and by the way, why are we talking about this?" " Oh i don't know, its just cool to talk…" said Gino, with his body frozen, and in all of a sudden, all of us couldn't move. At the time when we were wondering about what to do, a mysterious man walked up to us and said " Cough Cough, um, so your Gino, and your Wilfred, and your George. Okay, ordinary kids. Now i need you guys to come with me back in time to the war of the gods and help." When we tried to move again, we were unfrozen. The teachers told us that, we weren't suppose to talk to strangers because "stranger danger" but the "go back in time to the war of the gods" caught us, so we didn't care, and we asked" But why us? We are only year 8, Why don't you go and find someone in year 13? They are stronger than us."asked Gino, "But Zeus said, only Wilfred, Gino and George, could save our world." "But how do you know that Zeus is right?" "Ughhhhh… Ummm…. Whatever! You just have to follow me to the war of the gods."

So we followed him.

  There was a flash on light, then we saw giants standing, so we thought that they were the gods, " Holy, how tall are they?" said George "What do you think?They are extremely tall! Douche bag" said Gino. Then we walked forward and saw a statue, so Gino asked" Wow, is that Zeus?" so George hit his head and said " Dude, It says here." so Gino looked down and saw a sign "The Zeus", "Now who is the douche bag?" laughed George. "Cough cough, it's the time. Our enemy is approaching, we shall defeat them and change the world!" shouted the Zeus, as everyone cheered with him."And i believe that you guys are here to help, right? George Gino and Wolfred?"said Zeus, "God, it's not Wolfred, it's Wilfred" i corrected him. " Oops I'm sorry kid. So you guys have to help us to defeat the zombie ar…" " Wait, so your saying that we get to kill zombies?" i interrupted, "Um yes", "Yes! Zombies!" as we shouted, "Except they are as big as us" Zeus said, then there was a dead silence, after a few seconds i said" May we go home?" "No", so i got rejected, and we were suppose to kill gigantic zombies! "It's okay, because there are smaller zombies too" " Okay? But anyway its gonna be awesome!" i said "Yeah! We are gonna be the first three humans that get to kill zombies!" agreed Gino and George. "With no longer waiting, we shall go for dinner." said Zeus, so we followed the gods to dinner.

  Later on, we were suppose to get weapons, but there are no guns, there were only swords, shields, and spears and they were extremely heavy, so we couldn't use them. "How are we suppose to lift this thing up???" cried Gino "We don't" i replied him with a lot of disappointment, because we don't have weapons to fight the zombie army! "Now what?" asked George, "We don't have weapons to fight." "I don't know, just get what they have here that we can use it.", so we are searching for anything that we could use. A while later, we all gathered and see what do we have, "Okay, what do we have here, a glass cup, a box." i said as i counted the things, "So thats all we have?" "Yeah" replied Gino and George, so we decided to not use anything to fight them,  we decided to use what we are best at, our brains, because we are smart!

  It was almost about 5, and the gods and us are sitting peacefully in a really really big room, and suddenly there were a lot of hands which shot out of the floor, and we know that it was the zombies, so we ran out of the room, and be ready to attack. The zombies came out of the floor and one of them said "We are the zombies…" "Yes we can tell" i interrupted, " Okay, and we shall attack you gods…" "Yes we can tell too." "Would you please stop interrupting me???!!!" " Oh I'm sorry." so i listened up, " We shall defeat you gods and rule the whole world!" said the Zombie leader. "Hahaha," laughed Zeus "You think your really going to defeat us? Hahaha, then you are absolutely wrong!" The Gods charged to the zombies, and the war started. We three little tiny humans are trying to find some where to hide, because there are too many feet stepping down here, "There they are, the small zombies" said George pointing at the zombies, "George, get me whatever is on the floor or something" he passed me something squishy, and i looked down, its a turkey, i turned and said"Dude! What the fuck! What the fuck! Its a fucking turkey!" "Yeah i know,  but you said 'Whatever is on the floor' so i gave it to you"explained George, the zombies are watching our argument "Dude, do you think that a turkey can fight um about 10 thousand zombies?" "Um yeah"said George, i was kinda shocked about his answer, a fucking turkey can fight 10 thousand zombies, he must have gone completely, COMPLETELY INSANE, now finally, the zombies talked "Why are we standing here? Our enemy is like right in front of us… Okay now, the zombies charge!" When i saw the zombies were charging towards us, i sighed and threw the turkey on the floor and said"Okay here, i have another plan, and the plan is……………………………… Run as fast as you can away from the zombies!" and the run has started, because we don't have any weapons, the best way is to run! We ran for a very long time, and the zombies were approaching us, because our speed were slowing down, because we are losing a lot of energy! In all of a sudden, we were surrounded by zombies. We three lose all our hope, it seems like to be the end of me Gino and George, but it wasn't. Suddenly there were guns dropping from the sky which is extremely weird, but we didn't have time to think about where the guns came from, so we picked them up. There was a mini gun and Gino picked it up immediately, he started shooting the zombies, it was a really powerful weapon. Later there were green liquid all over the floor, and Gino, it was the blood of the zombies. The zombies were all killed, we thought we won, but we didn't. There were more and more zombies coming towards us "There are too much zombies!" shouted Gino, "Yeah we can't kill them all!" as i shouted after Gino, then George said"I have an idea, but we will have to wait until the sun comes out, Gino what time is it now?" "It's 5 am" "Okay theres one hour left, we just have to wait!" said George, "But it depends on if we can!" i said to him. The zombies are closer and closer, it seems like that we are going to die, but fortunately we are not. Suddenly there was a tsunami coming towards us,and there was a hand next to us, so we jumped on the hand, and the tsunami killed all the zombies, as we looked it was poseidon!He saved our lives. Then i heard Gino shouting "It's 6 am! The sun is coming out!" Then there comes the sun rise, all the zombies started to melt. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! It burns!!!!!!"said a random zombie as it melted into liquids, within just about 5 minutes, all the zombies disappeared, there were only liquids left on the floor. We won.

  "Yes!!!!!! Victory!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone cheered(that includes the gods) then Gino interrupted "Hey the Zeus, we helped u won the war, do we get to go home now?" "Oh, of course my son" answered Zeus. So, we jumped on to his hand, and he sent us back to our world, the war was over.

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