This End of the Sky

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
At This End of the Sky by Mike Lee
Chapter 1 - A Hard Freeze
“I swear my hands are frozen,” said Mathew Stone holding the flashlight above him to signal the rest of the team.
“But that is impossible,’ said No. 2 “Your gloves are superheated. Remember Mathew?”
“That maybe true, but they are still freezing. Hard to believe this was once a tropical beach. Look over there you can still see the outline of a lounge chair frozen solid to the ice sitting under what used to be a palm tree, also frozen, near the now long frozen bay.
“I could swear I hear easy listening music,” said Mathew, a faint smile hidden inside his helmet.
“Now Mathew, you know perfectly well, there is no music here. In fact there is no sound at all. You must be imagining the old Earth, the one before the freeze. The old Earth with an atmosphere. You know, back when the sun was still burning fire engine hot. They told us back at the station, this might happen to us, given the ten-year suspended animation and all. The training team told us just to ignore it.”
“Too much isolation, I guess.” said Mathew, “Still, I could swear I heard it.
“Sure music would be great, but darn it Mathew trust me. There will never be music on this old world anymore, “said Mitch Green, whom everyone called No. 2, at his request. “Now let’s all just get back to doing our jobs. I just want to get this resource survey done and get back to the orbiter tonight before it really gets cold. “said Mike Williams, who described himself as the best mechanic in this part of the Galaxy as he often joked, because he knew he might well be the only mechanic in this part of the Galaxy, as he stood there holding on with his left hand, as he tried to fix his frozen scooter control.
“Just a sweet little star, twinkling at me from afar, makes me wonder where you are,” sang Mathew, the oxygen starved crew member.
“ Lady in Blue, How I am miss missing you....da, da, da, You’re so far away” sang Mathew, making an attempt to dance with an invisible partner, then catching himself and blushing in embarrassment at what a bad dancer he was. Wow! Mitch just look at that offshore wave. Doesn’t it look like it could just roll on in and drown us all?” said Mathew clutching his waist and shaking like a dancing bear, springing slowly around in the vacuum of what had once been an atmosphere, then nearly following over the still frozen beach lounge chair.
Every crewmember including the bear laughed.

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Hard Freeze

Submitted: May 19, 2016

This is my Third Science Fiction book. This End of the Sky. It involves a small salvage crew's trip to the new Earth, the one long after the sun burns most of it's heat and light out and becomes a Red Dwarf. On their way back to their home planet, the team discovers something fantastic. Now available on Amazon Kindle at only $.99 and best of all you do not need a Kindle to read it Read Chapter