As I Lay, In Slumber Deep

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I wanted to write something 'Poe-esque'

As I layeth in slumber deep
In midst of rainstorm foul
Hearing floorboards echoing creak
Setteth mine heart racing wild

Twas lightning flashed before mine eyes
Hideous images did reveal
Shadows cometh to life, breath'd did
With claws of sharpen'd steel

Panic festered in mine mind
Hallucinations were forthcoming
Bitter drops of salty sweat
Upon my fevered brow

Negatives were etched, upon mine eyes
By the blinding of the flash
I creep'd towards the bedroom door
Goosebump covered flesh

Shivering, fearful and petrified
To the top of the stairs went I
Masculine voice, I managed to muster
"Who art there? Identify!"

Silence answered, ne'er a sound
As down the stairs crept I
A sudden fleeting shadow passed
Bewildering mine fear filled eyes

Scared was I, but Bravado ruled
Inched me down the stairs
Towards the dark that drew me in
To my future, that dwelleth there

There she stood, in swirling dark
A mist of souls around her
She open'd her arms to welcome me
The fairytale was over

Two hundred years, in peace I'd lived
Escaping Death, my pact with the Devil
Here was she, to claim my soul
Make sure I'd never see Heaven

To her, went I, My Queen Of Dark
I begg'd and pleaded for Mercy
She smiled at me, compassionlessly
And stole my dignity

Satan's Bride, as she was known
Keeper of the Damned
Glared at this blubbering mass of man
As her cold flesh crushed my hand

Claustrophobic breath, filleth mine lungs
As I splutter'd and choked, I wheezed
Before her, I broke down and cried
Crumbled to my knees

Snarled at me, is what she did
Dragged me by mine hair
I couldn't stand to look at her
Raped, by the callousness of her stare

Swallowed, by the ground were we
Hell enclosed in ghastly glare
Soul swamped rivers of blood ran by
Twas the Devil's lair

Stood before me, looming large
The scarlet, fallen Angel
Rubbed his hands in macabre glee
Another victim...taken

He wined me, dined me, fed me whores
Weakening me for the kill
And when, was I, inebriated
The Bastard took his fill

A life of ever more purgatory
My Loved Ones ne'er to see
Would I do it again, for centuries twice lived?
Whilst mine family ceased to be?

The lightning flashed, thunder crashed
The window shatter'd, loud
Startling me, to wakened state
In the dark, I cowered......

Submitted: February 10, 2008

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Brian Peza Perrins

This is a great piece of work Dmonik!

Mon, February 11th, 2008 12:41pm


Thanks very much Brian. I was trying to go for the whole 'Poe' thing...

Tue, February 12th, 2008 2:42am

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