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The song of a fatal...
The * denotes where the Siren sings...

Submitted: April 01, 2008

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Submitted: April 01, 2008



Under gaze of sailors moon
I sail my way to her
Afar from land, on open sea
To where my heart yearns

*I sing this haunting melody
Hoping you will hear me
Sail towards your destiny
O'er the vast and mighty sea*

Stars, map the course of Love
Guide me to her loving arms
Protect me from where Evil lurks
Ne'er let me to harm

*Listen my Love, hear my pleads
Ride on waves, 'pon open seas
For on the wind that caresses the trees
I send a kiss to Thee*

I hear your song, so soft, so sweet
My Darling of the deep
Your serenade, I can't resist
Towards you, I creep

*Listen to my voice, my Love
Ignore protestations from above
Until it's just the two of us
In the great Beyond*

Set the sails! Plot a Course
To where my True Love lies
Godspeed to us, on our Quest
Grant us clear skies

*I hear your prayers, My Love, My Dear
I hear your heart, it sounds so near
The once distant thudding, now so clear
Not long now, have no fear*

Signal me to where you be
So I may know your heart
A symbol of eternal Love
The kind not torn apart

*Follow me, my voice, your guide
Take me to be your bride
Upon the waves, you shall ride
Until you are mine*

I hear your voice, I follow it still
My Love, there's rocks herein
To smithereens we shall be smashed
Was this thy plan for me?

*Take heed my Love, for tis too Late
Thou hast passed the point of Fate
To me now, you belong, My Mate
I'll see you in the green depth abyss*

And so it is, The Sirens song
The enchanting melody
The Lullabye of Death, as is
Siren, sing to me.....

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