Big 'Un, for goldcountry

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Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Submitted: August 05, 2011




I know why yer here. Yer here fer the gold ain’tcha. Yessiree, I know about that ther’ gold. It’s right o’er yonder, o’er them hills you see.  I seen many of you younguns come on through these here parts, and I don’t blame ye for wantin’ to get rich. Though I do have a warnin’ fer ye. Beware of the big ‘un.
Ye ain’t never heard of th’ big ‘un? Whoo damn! Boy, ye might wanna take a seat real quick like and let me ‘splain it a lil bit. The big ‘un is the biggest coyote yer ever gunna see. He stands taller than that there train car that brought ye here. He runs faster than a hundred horses, and never gits tired. His jaws can eat up a whole man in a matter o’ minutes. Yessir, I seen the big ‘un myself. He was a monster, I tell you what. But don’t ye let that stop ye from gettin rich, everyone else is.

I mean, ye could get mighty rich out there, ain’t no doubt ‘bout that. Ye could git so rich you ain’t never ‘ave to work anuther day in yer life! But then again, that’s if you still got a life to have.  ‘Ere, take this witcha. This here’s the pistol that I used to hurt the big ‘un when I saw him last time. Them bullets ‘re made of pure Spanish silver, yessir. If that ain’t gonna stop a giant coyote then nothin on earth or in hell will do the trick.

Well good luck to ye stranger. I wish ye the best ‘o luck out yonder. And remember, if ye strike it rich out there, don’t ye forget who gave ye that revolver. I’d like it back y’hear. Now, when ye get rich, ye  come on back ‘ere and I’ll cook us up a good ol’ supper. Be safe, stranger. Be real damn safe out there.




For goldcountry 

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