Endgame, for Redskylight

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Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Submitted: August 05, 2011




Flashes of light illuminated the eternal night that blanketed the planet. Watching in horror as the aliens swarmed ever closer, the Exterminatus Marines stood fast, their pulse rifles spewing lasers towards the oncoming wave. Those that hit their mark reduced the bodies to little more than a pool of acid and bone particles. But the creatures showed no sign of slowing down or halting. Soon, they were upon the marines, clambering over the wall and sweeping through the citadel. Claws and talons tore at their flesh, ripping through armor plating and burying themselves deep inside soft tissues. I watched in horror from my fighter as the small garrison was torn to pieces. I flicked my thrusters on, and turned my beacon on full blast. The red light was the cue for evacuation, and the other transports soon followed suit. The cause was lost, and there was nothing we could do to protect the people inside.

I watched as the marines fought their way back towards us, the rifles riddling the monsters with burns and lacerations. I witnessed on marine charge straight towards the mass of bodies, tearing at the creatures with his bear hands before being overtaken. Eventually, the marines clambered on board, and I kicked the thrusters into full drive. We lurched and rolled into the air. The smell of spent plasma was hot in my nose as the marines continued to fire at the mass of aliens. I soon called back that I was shutting the side doors. A mechanical whirring greeted me as I pushed the control button.

I turned, seeing the unlucky marines in a tight circle, fighting to the last man to exterminate the creatures. I saluted the brave individuals that were sacrificing their existence. I turned the shuttle, pointed its nose to the stars, and sent the metal beast shooting through the atmosphere. Soon the only sound was the heavy breathing of my cargo, and the rush of the engine.


For Redskylight

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