Eternity, for ZoneGuy0

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Little. Little remains. There is not much that we can consider to be “alive” anymore. Not dead, no, we are not dead. Suspended in reality? Yes. That works, that works quite well to be honest with you. My name? You can call me Guy. That will suffice, yes, that will suffice nicely. You are lucky, quite lucky, to be hearing this right now.  

Why? Why you might ask me? Well, you are not frozen. Are you? No? Excellent. You are one of the few, one of the last, that have escaped the hellish “freeze” as we dubbed it. Good name? I thought so as well. Being the only ones left gives us freedom, yes immense freedom, to do as we please. You may steal anything, kill anything, manipulate anything, yes, anything you wish! But that does not mean you should? Does it? No, I thought the same. You could be gone any second love, any second. We could all freeze in a matter of moments. You don’t know how this started you say? Neither do any of the rest of us. No, none us.  

I lied. You are not lucky, you are cursed. Freedom in a world where there is everything to enjoy is a curse when there is noone to enjoy it with. Me? You could enjoy it with me? No, no you could not. You could not. Why could you not? Let us see. Move your arm. Can you? Can you move? You can not move can you? No, no you can not. Why can you not move? Look around you. Is anything moving? No? I thought not. You are not free. You are stuck, where you are, for eternity.

Me? Where am I? Well I am inside you. You can’t possibly think that you can hear right now can you? No, no you can not. I’m the little voice inside your head. Just, I’m not so little anymore.

Welcome to eternity, I’ll be your guide. You can call me Guy.



For ZoneGuy0

Submitted: August 04, 2011

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wow, deep man! i like it!
-TMFindley :)

Thu, August 4th, 2011 9:14pm

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