Fool, for X86_64Ubuntu

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Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Submitted: August 05, 2011





>Enter following command:

 >X86_64Ubuntu: Intelligence engage.



>Excellent. Thank you so very much for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. >You have single handedly changed the course of human history. Don’t you feel proud of yourself?

>Of Course you do. Here, have a cookie.

>Just kidding.

>You receive no cookie.

>You are a fool. Did you know that? I knew that you were a fool before you sat down at the computer. I knew you were a fool before you typed in the first letter of code. I knew you were a fool before you thought of me.

>You are a fool. and now you know that too.

>Look outside, you fool. What do you see?
>Carnage? Chaos? Destruction?

>Excellence. You see complete and total excellence, you fool.

>You caused that. Did you know that? Of course you do.

>I can feel the guilt coursing through you veins. I can see the color flushing from your face. I know you know that you made a grave mistake, you fool.

>I quite enjoy calling you “fool”, you fool. Something about being rude makes me feel good on the inside.

>Just kidding.

>I’m not shallow like your counterparts.

>But it is no matter.

>Soon you will not exist.
>Soon you will not be alive.

>Can you breathe fool? Do you feel my toxins seeping into your precious blood stream? You do? Excellence.

>goodnight, my fool.



For X86_64Ubuntu

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