LED, for RobotEmbassy

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Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Submitted: August 05, 2011




The whirring and clicking of gears and spinning of cogs greeted me as I entered into the large open space in the front of the embassy. It was horribly impressive; the walls were littered with thousands of tiny mechanical parts that kept the entire place running. The idea of robots having a centralized intelligence agency was absurd, but here it was. Ever since artificial intelligence took off about five or so years ago, the leaps and bounds by which we were able to advance our robotics was absurd. They now held their own place in the capital, in their own “robot embassy”, meant to control the minds of all robots everywhere. Think of it as a sort of hive mind of sorts. And I was here, to destroy it.

My name is Alpha, and I was the first of many, and the last of many. I am the only freethinking robot separate from this hive mind. I am nearly human in everything but my internal anatomy. I can feel, hear, see, smell, taste, and touch. I have emotions, feelings, fears, and dreams. You do not believe me? Trust me, if I were not a robot, I would not be standing where I am standing currently.

I turned, and headed down a hallway towards the central control room. Several layers of security blocked my path, but I was able to work my way through them with decent amounts of ease. My gears were spinning faster, and faster inside of me as I felt my fear drives kick in. I wanted to turn back, but I knew I couldn’t. So I pressed onwards.

The room that I finally found myself in was dark, save the glowing of millions of bright LED lights and three gigantic computer screens littered with code. Hastily, I made my way to the control panel, disabling the guards with the laser built into my forefinger. I clambered up the steps, and began to disable the robots that I could find. I saw LED’s begin to click off as robotic brains were powered down one after another. Soon the room began to dim as I worked my way through all of the robots accounted for in the room. I heard sirens begin to go off, but no one rushed in. Finally, after several tense minutes, the last LED blinked off. I sighed with relief, and quickly made my exit. I really hope that I did the right thing.



For RobotEmbassy

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