Nathaniel, for Greyspectre

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The sounds in the darkness no longer scare me. Mommy says that it’s just the house settling, but I know that she is wrong. I’ve seen the ghost! He is not a scary ghost though, he is a nice ghost! He is just a little boy who died too early. All he wants is someone to play with. He comes in the night time, when I am supposed to be sleeping. But I am not. I wait for the little boy to come, he nudges me softly with his ghostly fingers, and I get up quietly. We play for hours in the nighttime, and I laugh softly as he plays with my dollies.

He is a sweet little boy, not like the mean ones in my class. He always listen when someone was mean to me and I need to tell someone. He never speaks or interrupts me, just listens quietly. I love my friend very much.

They tell me that I simply imagine that he is there, but I know that they are wrong. Mommy and daddy try to convince me that I just have a big imagination, but I don’t think that’s true. No, Nathaniel, as he has told me his name is, is very much real. He talks to me about how he lived, almost a hundred years ago, before his accident. I feel sorry for Nathaniel; he should have lived to be much older. He is a nice boy, and he would have made a nice girl very happy some day. I guess that he is making me happy right now.

Mommy and daddy say that they are worried about me. They say that I do not get the rest I need, and that I am growing weak. I hear them whisper that I may be sick. I talk to Nathaniel every night now, and sometimes he comes out to play during the day. Nathaniel tells me that I am going to join him soon, which I am very exited about. I want to live with Nathaniel forever. I love my little grey spectre friend more than anyone that is alive.

I think that I may have died. But I do not know. I see my little body on my bed, lying completely still as mommy and daddy cry near me. But I see Nathaniel next to me now, laughing and smiling. We play all day now, chasing each other through the house. I like to tug on mommy’s hair when she is not looking, as a joke. I think she likes it, because it always makes her jump. I love being with Nathaniel all the time. He is my best friend.


For Greyspectre 

Submitted: August 06, 2011

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