The Princess and the NInja, for sloppyk

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Darkness had fallen over the large city, and the town was awash with the screams and cries from that echoed from the tallest tower of the gargantuan castle. The princess was in here usual flutter of rage and indignation towards the fact that her father, the evil King Sloppy, had refused her pleading to marry the man of her dreams. The King thought the man was a waste of his precious daughter’s time (which wasn’t quite valuable seeing as she had nothing to do besides sit in the castle and needlepoint pillows for her aging mother’s large bed.)

Becoming so fed up with her whining, he had her whisked away to the tower. Now, you see, the tower had not been used since she was but a girl, and a small girl at that. It was her designated “time out spot” as you may call it, where she was sent when her parents had decided that she was being a bad little girl. Unforseen by the King, however, was that the tower featured brilliant acoustics that did little to dampen the sounds of her cries. Instead, they sent the God-forsaken noises echoing through the night air, as the cry of the banshee often did in the countryside.

It was here that the Princess contemplated her fate. She knew that she could never be happy locked away in the tower, but that she would never feel complete without the embrace of her lover. Thus, she concluded, the only option she had left was to cast herself from the window of the tower. She stepped up to the edge of the windowsill, feeling the night air tousle through her hair like the fingers of her lovers. The long golden strands billowing in the breeze, she looked down upon the ground, steeled her nerves, and jumped.

She had expected the fall to be swift, but she had not imagined it to be as fast as it was. She knew that she could not have travelled but a few feet! She slowly opened here eyes, and saw a black masked figure above her struggling to cling to the wall of the tower. The princess let out a blood curdling scream. The figure tried to comfort her, but having one of his hands preoccupied with saving her, and the other with climbing up to the window, he was having little luck at it. Finally, after many tense moments of struggling with the screeching wench and pulling himself upwards, the figure clambered into the window, pulling the princess with him. In a flash, he pulle his mask away and revealed himself to be none other than her lover, the Spanish Ninja don Jose de Sneakishneaki. Letting loose an elated squeal, she rushed into his arms and kissed him deeply.

Suddenly, the door swung open, revealing her father, King Sloppy, to be standing in the doorway. His face was red with anger and rage, but before he could let loose his bellowing roar of disapproval, don Jose drew his sword and struck the man down. The Princess cared not, having never really harbored a liking for the man in the first place. The two escaped from the tower, vanishing into the night, never to be seen again.
The End.


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