Transformation, for NotReallyARaptorYet

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Submitted: August 04, 2011

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Submitted: August 04, 2011




Technically, I can’t really tell you what I am. I’m not quite human to say the least. You see, my name is Leopold, very silly, I know. I am, as you had imagined, a “mad scientist”, though I prefer Impassioned Eccentric. Now, ever since I was a little boy I had the most curious obsession with dinosaurs. My favorite, however, was the velociraptor. Something about their aerodynamics and streamlined figure was always interesting to me. Now, I have come up with a way to turn myself, regular old Leopold van Straussenheimer, into a Leopold van Strassenraptor. How am I able to do this? Well, it is an interesting procedure, let me explain.

First, we had to find the raptor genes! Not as easy as you might think. I had to break into quite a few museums quite late at night to find the DNA that I required. I eventually was able to procure some from an egg that had never hatched. Interestingly enough, the shell, being left in the sun after the lack of hatching, had cooked the yolk inside, thus altering the chemical structure. Thus, for some odd reason you could not comprehend so I do not bother explaining, we were able to extract said DNA and bring it back to my lab.

Secondly, we had to mutate the genes of a raptor to correspond to human stem cells. This was the most scientifically advanced stage, and thus I can not delve into many of the details. However, I can tell you that when mixed with a cell that can mutate and grow into any form of cell, it is quite easy to see  how we were able to create the genes that would go on to change me as I have been changed, without altering my nervous system in any way.

Third, we had to procure a skeleton for reference. This was the most painful part of the experiment. As you can figure, my body would not correspond to the genes. Thus, I had my brain removed, and my bones replaced with those of a raptors, save my skull (we simply fused a jaw to match where my mandible had been) and my hands (I still wanted them for future use, such as writing this correspondence). In this way, as my body began to mutate and change, I was able to adapt to the bones, and I was able to grow into a new creature.

Finally, we had to replace my internal organs into a series fitting of raptor. This proved to be quite difficult, seeing as the anatomies were different. However, we were able to pull it off eventually.

Now I am not fully a raptor yet, but we are growing closer every day. My tail has sprouted, my arms have grown out, and my talons are coming in. I will keep you posted on any further developments.



For NotReallyARaptorYet

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