A Native American folktale

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A wolf and a bear are mortal enemies.

Submitted: May 12, 2007

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Submitted: May 12, 2007




Wolf does not like rabbit.

Wolf does not like bear, either, but wolf is nice to bear; bear can easily kill wolf.

Rabbit makes wolf very angry; rabbit shits on wolf's turf, rabbit-shit pellets everywhere. Rabbit smells funny, too. Leaves stink whereever it pisses, like skunk.

Rabbit no good; wolf must kill rabbit.

No hard for wolf to kill rabbit; rabbit small, soft, easyt to  chew up. Just grab rabbit in jaws, then CHMOP-CHOMP-GULP!! rabbit gone.

Wolf will sneak up on rabbit hole now, real quiet, sly. But......OH NO! Here comes bear! Bear looks really pissed off! Bear is mad; rabbit is bear's friend, bear wipes ass with rabbit after bear shits in woods.

Bear squats, shits, grabs wolf and wipes ass with wolf. Wolf howls and cries.

Rabbit pokes head out of hole and laughs.


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