Bad Dreams

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Nightmares can sometimes seem very real.

Submitted: April 07, 2007

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Submitted: April 07, 2007





They were lost.

LOst; misplaced, missing, gone astray.

Theye were in that dark, creepy, lonely place where all bad little kids went, never to be seen again.

The night was dark, the sky as well, a starless sky under a moonless midnight. The siblings walked together into the dark void, hand in hand, trembling from fear, shivering from fright. Eerie echoes resounded off of invisible walls, misshapen shadows danced in front of their terrified eyes.

  Horrifying visions filled their evry thought; spiders, snakes, bats, ghouls and ghosts followed their every step, the boogeyman not too far behind.

  Invisible hands grasped their throats, squeezing, squeezing, gnarled claws slicing into young pink flesh. They screamed, blood curdling screams of stark terror, but their screams fell on deaf ears in the land of the dead.

The ........lost.

Then their father opened the bedroom door, rousting them from their fitful slumber.

They were found.

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