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A list of my literary accomplishments.

Submitted: April 19, 2007

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Submitted: April 19, 2007




Recently, someone asked me how I managed to come up with so many stories to submit on a regular basis. Well, here is the answer. {Note: the short story collections each contain at least 25-30 stories and 8-10 poems each. I also have a private ''archive'' that contains around 285 stories}.


1. Nightmares

2. Screamers

3. Nighttrain To Terror

4. Short Slices

5. Trails of Blood

6. Short-short Slices

7. The Flesh, Once Removed {Cannibal stories....YUK!!!}

8. Book of the Dead

9. Nightmares and Daydreams

10. Dark Dreams {poetry collection}

Book Manuscripts:- SciFi

1. Blue Moonlight

2. dead Letter Office

3. The Power

4. Iceworld - SciFi/fantasy

5. MoonTan

6. The Robot Diaries


1. The Mind of Luther Biggs

2. The Maverick - {a killer dog story, and NO, his name isn't CUJO}

3. Bloody Insane

4. Letters from the Wasteland

5. Hell's Season


1. The Smoking Gun

2. The Celestial Railroad

3. The Sandman

4. The Guff


1. Another Dead Weekend

2. Offerings

3. Hannibal and Clarice: A love story

4. The Mind Of Luther Biggs


1. Vampires: A love story

Crime fiction:

1. The Gypsy Runner

2. Sierra Swings

3. The Wolf

4. The Smoking Gun

Western fiction:

1. The Lone Rider

2. Dead In Texas

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