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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A lonely man drives around aimlessly looking for that ''special'' girl.

Submitted: March 28, 2007

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Submitted: March 28, 2007





He drove on into the darkness.

His palms were wet and sticky on the steering wheel.

His stomach churned.

He wanted to slam his fist into something. Anthing to release his ever building frustration.

  His head hurt; ached, throbbed, pulsated with his pounding heartbeat.


He saw a large cat slinking across the road.

He slammed the accelerator down. Smashed the cat.

Backed up, smashed it again.

He drove on.

He came to a traffic light, stopped. Glanced around.

Saw nobody else in sight. Ran the light.

The sensation of helplessness hit him again, had grown thick and curdled into a rage.

Fear. Anger.


{No.....NO!.....it's not time yet!!!}

He drove on.


He gazed up at the moon; it always made him feel so....so.................alive again.

The moon was full. The man in the moon grinned at him.

 It was making fun of him.

{It's TIME.}

He drove on.

He came to another traffic light. He stopped, looked into the rearview mirror.

He froze.

  A police cruiser sat right behind him. The flashing lights came on.

He shut off the engine. Rolled down his window.

Then the cop was there, speaking to him.

''Evening sir,'' said the cop.

''Evening,'' he said back, forcing a smile.

''Not safe to be out here tonight, sir. Just thought I'd let you know, we haven't caught the full moon killer yet.''

''I know,'' he said. ''It's terrible, just terrible, all those sweet young girls.''

  ''Yeah. Well then, you have a good evening, Reverend, and God bless.''

''Thank you, my son. And God bless you and yours.''


The cop left.

The TV evangelist smiled.

He drove on.

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