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A young girl suspects that her grandmother is a witch

Submitted: May 12, 2007

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Submitted: May 12, 2007




  It's so quiet in here.

  Grandma locked me in my room, and won't let me out. But, I do have toys to play with; seven dolls and a teddy bear. I think my bear is hungry.

 Grandma says when she is hungry, to leave her alone. Because if zI don't, she won't give me any supper. That's all I ever get; my supper.

Grandma's hair is black, like the witch in the Wizard of Oz. She's ugly, too, the witch in the movie was prettier. She laughs creepy too, like a cat when someone steps on it's tail. Her teeth are long and crooked, rotten. Her breath smells like a dead bird I found once. Grandma cut it's eyes out and ate them.

It's so quiet in here; I wish I could could talk to somebody. I wish my mama was still here.

Now I'm empty.

But, Grandma says be quiet, don't bother me while I take a nap, or you won't get any supper. I don't like supper; it always smells bad, dead. But it's all I have; I eat it or starve. I'm tired of playing with toys; I use an old butter knife{my Grandma doesn't know I have it} to pick the door lock, sneak down to my Grandma's room, peek in.

  She's still napping, snoring. But.......wait a minute. Grandma looks funny.

Something looks like the smelly stuff Grandma feeds me.......coming out of her mouth....but it smellls ....good now.

I eat it.

I wipe her face off with a towel, but she doesn't wake up. I think she's dead. But she doesn't smell bad now; she is even pretty now, and her teeth are white and shiny. Just like my mama, before she........disappeared.

I go back to my room, close the door, lock it shut. I play with my dolls and bear. I smell funny, like Grandma used to. My teeth feel funny, and my face feels all wrinkly.

But; I'm not hungry. Now I'm full.

But my bear.......he is sooooo empty.

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