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My idea of life from time to time.

Submitted: March 15, 2007

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Submitted: March 15, 2007




NAKED we are born, into this hellhole we call a world,

and then after all the suffering, naked and bruised we'll go.

Putrefaction perfumed, sack of shit,

left there to rot like an overripe melon, bursting in the sun.

Naked, and destined for.......what?

You...all of you....lie, cheat, steal,

man oh man, this wasn't the plan, I didn't plan to be someone's meal.


NAKED pale faces, staring up at me as I step over corpses,

men I knew, kids I could have adopted,

lying there naked, helpless.......dead,

Babies aborted, cruel fate in the shitty diapers of those who live.

NAKED again, stripped not only of clothing,

but of pride, dignity,

while I watch cannibals, not flesh eaters, but life eaters,

eat away at our minds, our hearts,

the naked mind is much worse; flesh wounds can heal,

but the mind is something the clothed manipulator can always steal.

Then...once again...your'e NAKED.

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