Only Human

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Maybe mankind should think twice before dropping any more bombs......

Submitted: March 20, 2007

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Submitted: March 20, 2007





Where should I begin?

I guess I'll start by letting you know that I'm sort of shy; introverted, actually. Sometimes you have to look out for number 1.

Otherwise, I consider myself and other members of my kind as typical. We all walk upright on two legs, have two arms, two hands {although all ten of our digits are gnarled, clawlike} and only one head.

Now, our heads are different in one aspect; right beneath our eyes are two, egg sized/shaped holes lined with razor sharp teeth used for destroying then assimilating anything digestible within our reach. This is what we refer to as ''eating.'' Even our kind, as repulsive as we may seem, need sustenance, too.

As far as our skins are concerned, well, I'll just say that it is more or less lizard-like, rough, scaly. It comes from too many years of living in darkness, as well as exposed to various types of germs transmitted to us through our water supply.

Yes, we are cavernous people, destined to a world of darkness, our skins pale, ghost-like, like an albino lizard. We are a race of metamorphs; genocide bred freaks once on the verge of exstinction, due to mankind's ignorance.

What we are not, though, is helpless.

We have taken a world man created for us, and re-created it into a world of our own, a world of the survival of the fittest. And our number is growing, growing bigger and stronger every year. Soon, you will understand; realize with terrifying clarity just what you have done by dropping your bombs.

For the quarterly sunset  will be coming soon, and the three month darkness will fall over your world like a death shroud.

Who am I? Who are we, you ask?


Such a typical and stupid question.

You know who we are, because you made us, created us. know.

  I can see it in your tired, frightened eyes.

I.....we, are HUMANS.

And soon, we shall rise up from your own sewers like hungry rats, ready to feed.

After all; we, like you, are only human.

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