The Visitor

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a man tries to beat an adversary at his own game.

Submitted: April 19, 2007

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Submitted: April 19, 2007




There was a knock at the door.

He cocked the hammer back on the gun, waiting, not moving a muscle.

he heard footsteps moving away.

A moment later, he heard a faint but audible sound coming from somewhere inside the house. He turned around in his chair, gun in hand, squinting into the semi-darkness. A shadow moved into the light.

  ''Damn,'' he said, lowering the gun. ''It's only you.''

''I used my key,'' the visitor said.

''What do you think your'e doing, anyway?''

''What do you care?'' the visitor said. ''The game is over now, we're finished here.''

The visitor walked over to the table, looking down at the gun. ''Give it to me,'' he said.

He raised the gun barrel to his head, the hammer still cocked. ''Want to play?''

  ''I said; the game is over. Put the gun down.''


He pressed the barrel against his head harder, his knuckles white with tension. ''You are still a player, aren't you?'' he asked. ''It's two to one, or one to two. Hell, I forget.''

''Hell is right,'' the visitor said, his face now a grinning rictus of evil. ''Go ahead; pull that trigger, coward. The game will be finished either way.''

His finger was shaking on the trigger. ''Go ahead. ''

He smiled.

''Go ahead, leo,'' the visitor said. ''make my day.''

''I should fucking do it,'' Leo said, beginning to sob. ''But....but...I just can' it.''

The visitor took the gun from him, saying , ''That's it, leo. Score; me, 1, you, a big fat zero.''

''There's always tommorrow,'' Leo said, forcing a smile.

''Maybe,'' the visitor said. ''Maybe, but I seriously doubt it.''

''We will see,'' Leo said, leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes.

He was asleep almost instantly. The visitor stood close by, watching patiently.

As Leo slept, he dreamt of a blast-furnace heat engulfing him, flames licking his skin like firey tongues.


The visitor dreamt of victory.

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