the peepers.

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we've all been there. youve wanted her/him...but they got someone else.
this isn't a 'standard' poem, nor does it fit in any standards. could it be a conversation between two people, one mans fantasy, or a mutual one night stand full of regrets..

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



So here I am…trying to be a man right?….the paranoia keeps me up at night, cant sleep soundly without the glow of the street lights.


She said the peepers are out.

Oh and whats a peeper?


She called me funny,

I said I’m sorry honey, you should try to explain that a bit more, anything to just to score.


Blue eyes.
and an anchor tattoo…she’ll be the death of you.


“Theyre this thing, that sings, sits in the ground making hella sound, lets you know that earth wont freeze, we can sit out at night and just enjoy the breeze….”


Oh really girl? Id love to hear more, but the truth is I aint listening much…just watching your lips. Your mighty cute…your eyes drop my jaw, and yes this is totally against your law but you should give me a kiss, just a bit on the lips, maybe a lil bite.


She laughs and says “your funny boy, I wish I could but you’re a little misunderstood, your cute and all, but I gotta watch this fall, caught feelings don’t heal hurt ones at all..”


Touché, makes a lot of sense, hope I wasn’t disrespectful cause you, your too beautiful to loose.


With a bite of her lip she looks down to the ground and sighs, “Im sorry, you gotta give it up, I’m wrung for now, maybe not for long…just keep up your same old song…”


So well burn, ill drive on this turn so you cant leave me by the roadside wet and blue balled, hung up cause all I’m trying to do is pry down that wall to set you in to fall.


“I get that, but its not so easy, we gotta go co op, and I’m not this easy, I don’t fall for the one liners, hook and sinkers, calling me girl and honey, babe and love, I dig it yes, but I’m not that dumb. You want me nakey so spit your rhyme boy and say what’s on your head.”


Oh word? Its my turn now? I guess I got a rhyme in my mind, but maybe ill keep it in my head. Not much of linguist but I swear my stories got a twist, im trying to find the right thing to say just to get you to look my way. I could pull out the arsenal, your gorgeous, baby I like what you got going on up there…


“Hold up, wait a minute, you gonna use them bar lines on girl like me? This aint my first rodeo H o N e Y, gimme something better and maybe youll get a looksee”


Oh fuck, one sec, lemme rack my head—>I got new sheets, wanna test them out? just put them on bed, NO WAIT! I gotta better one, stop me if you heard this one..did it hurt?


Stop. Enough.




“But, Come here babe and ill show you what’s up”


So there I was…trying to be a man right. Sleeping with a girl who kept me up all night, no need to turn on the flash light, when the sun come up there becomes no glare from the street lights. What few brew do, a shot of captain can, and a bowl is just emotions packed full…


You like that baby?


Like that baby?


Your gorgeous baby…

“H a r d e r “

Oh yesmm, yesmmm


 So hear I am…right?


Trying to come up with the right text to send her the next night


I don’t wanna be disrespectful, but last night was a mouthful. We should do it again, or beat me on the head, and lets just be friends. I’ll pretend im over you just so I can hit a bowl with you, leave you alone and let you live  life I fucked up so far, so ill just fix my problem at another bar.


“Haha its ok! I like you that way, its ok, its ok,” I hope she’d say..thing is girlie left her phone on the seat of my car, with no battery bar, and the real man lost contact with his toy, little does he know she’s throat deep holding onto my thighs


I’m sorry brotha, id like to say, but that’s the way to go about this day, id get punched in the face, knocked back into my place cause im just the ass who threw it in her to speak.


That’s fucked up you’d say, your right, I didn’t throw it there, but I pulled back her hair. he could have that feeling you get when you fall down the stairs - isn’t figurative, narrative, or far in between. That pain in your chest or how you cant get any rest from the short winded mind test- it’s the morality of it all and the face of the fall because all in all, we’ve been had, bad and sad to tell one tale- does it rhyme or is it time, to give up on the life love stress and set backs of us all. 


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