A fake but cute short tv trailer and promo to the upcoming theatrical feel good girlie comedy movie called "Julie In Person!"

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A fake but cute tv promo for the new teen oriented comedy movie "Julie In Person" starring newcomer Stephanie Olsen and from "Gossip Girl" Blake Lively coming to theatres in September!!!!

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012




(Announcer Ann Dawson with a preview of the upcoming comedy movie "Julie In Person")


(From Universal Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment)


"Meet Julie Carver, beautiful, and daring but yet very troubled 17 year old girl who always gets into all sorts of trouble, especially at school!!"


Teacher: "Julie you're suspended from school!"


Julie: "So what, i don't even like school anymore anyway!"


"She can't even do anything right!"


Julie: "So do you want to go out on a date with me sometime?"


Teen Boy: "Sure, why not? i think it'll be fun and amazing!!"


"This fall, meet america's new girl!"


Julie: (happily shouting) "YEAH!"



"Stephanie Olsen, Blake Lively, Colin Hanks, David Cutler, Terri Hawkins, and Victor Garber stars in a brand new feel good comedy film!"


"Julie In Person!"


"Rated PG-13"


"Starts Friday September 21st at selected theatres everywhere, check newspapers for local listings!"


the end





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