Intro and opening theme to RBC's Friday night musical variety tv series "THe Summer Glau Show"

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a fake but cute opening theme to RBC's friday night tv series "THe Summer Glau Show" opens with a very fast paced theme music with Summer showing her looks and her smile as well feautures and orchestra and the theme song called "Hot Stuff" performed by a group of singers consisting of four men and four women called "The Patrick Williams Singers" and theme song composed and conducted by also Patrick Wiliams!!!!

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012




(Opening theme plays very fast as Summer shows her great looks and her great smile as well with drums pounding like thunder)


(Summer lights a match with her sleeveless red dress on smiling brightly)


(Summer speaking in a very soft voice and whispering very softly)


"Ooh, yeah, Summer coming at ya, with more music and fun!!"



(Announcer Mitch Davis doing the opening intro to "THe Summer Glau Show")


"Live from Hollywood, it's THe Summer Glau Show!"


"Starring Summer Glau, with tonight's guests, Maury Povich, Stephanie Mercer, LMFAO, Josh Henderson, From Madison Mermadia Rachel Roberts, and special guest star Rascal Flats!"



(Summer again smiles brightly)


"THe Summer Glau Show"



(Tympani drumroll as the show opens with a musical number)



"And now ladies and gentleman, here's your host and star of our show, MISS SUMMER GLAU!!"


(Cheers and Applauses)


(Then seconds later, the curtain goes up and the song "Dancing In The Streets" plays live on stage as Summer walks in to perform the song along with her orchestra, band, horn players, and her three female backup singers wearing a gorgeous white sleeveless dress on!)


(Summer greeting the entire audience) "Whoo, hi there everyone!"


the end



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