my tragic b-day

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will someone find me before i go

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013




Just when I get to my destination, I feel a sharp pain in my chest. I think to myself.”Oh God, this already happened, not again!” what about my grandson? I begged, “please God, I don’t want this to happen.” But it was too late to do anything. I lay there cold and stiff. As my last 3 minutes of think. I ,will anybody help me? When I woke up. I was surprised by my 57th birthday.”I totally forgotten,” I said. there was cake,balloons,and all my family. There was Bob, Sophie, and little Jacob. Sophie said,” have a nice nap Anna.” I feel like I’m 43. They sing me the birthday song. It made me feel happy that I lived this long. Jacob said, “nice house.” For their gratitude, I took to the best Mexican food in Kansas. I told Sophie,” I have heartburn.” Sophie told me,”no, it’ll slow your heart rate down.” No it will not. But i was wrong. As we left, I told them i’ll ketchup.Right i got to the pharmacy doors.A sharp pain burns inside my chest like spewing lava.The cashier heard me yelling in pain.He brought me to the hospital.Then bob,sophia,and jacob showed up. Bob and Sophie came into the room.The doctor said,”Annabeth had a heart attack and her heart stopped.After that, bob,sophie,and jacob’s faces looked pale and wet.How could this have happened.the doctor explained that i just had a random heart attack.


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