The Principles of Professional Customer Service

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The following is a compendium of customer service and sales knowledge that can take you to the top of the business food chain. You will love how this incredible information can enhance your quality of life through knowledge, success and happiness. Via breaking out of that shell and blasting through the corporate ceiling accelerating your financial freedom, creating lifelong relationships, leadership skills and placing you halfway above the rest on the ladder of success!

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customer service


training hand book


A customer Appreciation text & compendium of customer service knowledge

By Doherty & company



*Attitude is Everything*


  1. First things first have you ever been to a department store or called customer service, and the representative makes you feel like you are wasting their time? they are mean an sometimes downright nasty. your reaction to the poor service you just received is an immediate vow to never come back to this establishment again or change company’s forever. Furthermore, in this day and age the urge is to go and wright a very detailed and negative review online. you would not be wrong doing just that. In the united states and around the world businesses of all shades lose millions of dollars a year on poorly trained employees in customer not allow this to happen to your business this can make or break your company and or carrier. Thus you are reading this hand book. You are on the path to Professional customer service follow the principals of this study guide and you will be closer to success. There have been study’s that indicate a customer can tell if a representative has a smile on their face over the phone! They can also tell if you are in a miserable mood. Your job responsibility as a customer service representative is to never be in a bad mood so to speak, when dealing with the public. The goal at the end of the day is to project a positive, enthusiastic, happy, joyous and amazing experience with value. That sticks in the minds of the customers you encounter. You must reach high above all other customer service representatives and competitive business’s. Going above and beyond is critical but not very hard in most of today’s markets, because so many of your competing representatives will not give everything they have to each and every person they deal with day in and day out if you want to be a professional consequently you must give everything you have inside bring it up to the surface and give it to your customers. By giving them the best you customers will become loyal and possibly lifelong customers that is the goal at the end of the day. Going the distance with a customer is kind of like any other relationship except you are there to serve them at any time in any way. Now there is a distinction to be made here. becoming an order taker or just another door mat to be stepped on and over. Now you must make the choice to take the road less traveled by mastering professional service or just plain good customer service practices. By taking simple step by step processes that you are about to learn will launch you into the stratosphere of customer service professional’s. Balance is the key! It is a principle you must strive to reach in customer service and in life. Balance within yourself is paramount so you can be affective, but not get taken advantage of there is a difference between doing business and taking orders. we will explain exactly how to achieve this balance later. Meet and greet this is very important in any service business. Properly approached the meet and greet alone can build an instant relationship with a customer. For beginner’s word tracks come in handy EXAMPLE 1a. Hello my name is Maria Doherty! Welcome in, /thank you so much for calling, who do I have the pleaser of speaking/meeting today!  (Never ever say how are you doing today) the reason for this is simple that gives the stressed out customer permission to say my day is very bad and you are about to make it worse. Most people shop or purchase services according to how they FEEL! Emotions are an enormous part of how people spend their money. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Set yourself up for success by understanding theses basic principles of customer service. Weather a customer is just browsing asking questions or giving you their business it is essential that they have the most fantastic experience you can possibly give them this will stay in their minds longer than you realize. Furthermore (*cherry picking) *cherry picking is when you pick and choose who you do business with just by the way someone looks* cherry picking is a very bad habit what we mean is every single person you encounter wail doing business is a potential life time customer. Spending thousands of dollars over the years you keep them. The point is no matter what, you cannot tell what type of customer a person will be just by looking at them you don’t have a crystal ball you must give one hundred and ten percent to every and all customers.







*The principal*



The principal of seeing every customer as a potentially lifelong customer.In the united states and around the world people are becoming Impulse buyers. In other words, people like to reward themselves with services or a shopping spree after a long hard day at work. A stressful week just about any reason will do the trick and trigger the impulse “I had a bad week I deserve a break or gift for my efforts” 80 to 90 percent of customer’s shop or purchasing services are doing so as a relief from there stressful life’s *IMPULSE BUYING* You must remember this fact as it is very important to retaining customers in the long term. Remember also about 75 percent of Americans spend over one hundred percent of their income via credit and its various forms. The point is they are literally spending money they don’t have. Remembering this fact is vital. You must be grateful for their business Make them feel value in spending that credit in your establishment. Empathy goes a long way in customer service, now that being said. we have to go back to balance, if a customer is spending ten thousand dollars in your business it’s their choice. Remember just because you might not spend that kind of money at once does not mean the customer isn’t perfectly happy spending all their money in your business, it is your responsibility to make them feel amazing about their perches furthermore make the customer want to come back next time and spend more money on your business or service weather they spend one dollar or one hundred thousand dollars.  At the end of the day you have or are representing a business and that business needs to make money. Three quick things to remember GAIN, RETAIN AND DON’T EVER COMPLAIN. The name of the game is this, gain a relationship with the customer as fast as possible. The way this is achieved is through the various methods we have been and will talk about. FIRST IMPRETIONS can make or break your ability to create an instant relationship with a customer. It is imperative that you present yourself in the best light this maybe the most important rule as a customer service representative. So many customer service representatives have forgotten or down right have no idea they are even in customer service this is a sad but true commentary. That being said because of the fact that most likely your competition is not following the bylaws of customer service this makes your job that much easier. You give the most amazing fantastic enthusiastic experience the customer has ever had they will come back to you many times over its that easy. No lying no deceiving no deception. Just plain old fashion good service honesty, integrity, respect, gratitude, appreciation, loyalty and going above and beyond for your customer and you will be successful. That’s it. This is the secret companies spend millions of dollars to get otherwise spending years to understand. Just treat the customer with kindness be honest have respect and integrity. SLOW DOWN and LISTEN to the customer.

Chapter Three




Slow Down and listen to what the customer is looking for whether it be a product or service question. The only way to determine what they need plus earn the customer’s business is to listen and learn. Knowing when to speak and when to stay quiet is essential to customer service. Listening is a skill that is acquired over time. When engaging in a conversation with a customer your personal social que’s might kick in you must resist this urge. Conversation Tangling is something that happens when having an exchange. Your job is to always allow the customer to speak over you or before you, if you are beginning a sentence and the customer cuts you off let them, remain quiet or apologize and allow them to continue their sentence. This may happen more than once during any given conversation let the customer speak when they want you are there to be subservient. Many times a customer may ask multiple questions simultaneously. They may also repeat the same question over again in a different way. You must continue to answer them each and every time. Need bee with the same enthusiasm and kindness your customers have grown to expect and respect. This applies whether they ask the same question once or ten different times and in ten different ways. Take a second to think then remain calm at all times ask the customer please allow me to give you the most competent and accurate response in my power. Now it is my pleaser to spend as much time as needed with you to give you the answers you need. let’s go over each question one at a time. IS THIS ACCEPTABLE TO YOU? (customer “YES”) then you proceed. OVERCOMING OBSTACLES. - a customer’s multiple questions are something every customer service representative has to face. We will go over the principle of (overcoming obstacles) in a later chapter. The important thing to take away is always face obstacles or challenges with the three P’S (positivity, passion and pride. Look at every challenge as an opportunity for success. Remember nothing worthwhile is easy, but in the end filled with reward and victory. Patient’s is a virtue; the best customer service representatives have seemingly everlasting patient’s, customer appreciation and gratitude. you must strive to emul


















Overcoming objections and obstacles is a skill acquired over time. It sometimes will require years of practice to master the word tracks an improvisation knowledge to be in the top twenty percent of representatives. Depending on what service your offering will dictate how you approach these scenarios. As a customer service representative you will have to eventually tell a customer no I’m sorry I cannot serve you in the way you are asking me and or we do not have the service you are requesting. {Word track} Although we cannot offer the exact service you have mentioned. I have a comparable service that is even better, I believe you will LOVE* (TRIGER WORD) what we have to offer, let me tell you about this product! depending on how through you were with the proses we have outlined you can successfully say no to your customer if you have gained a positive relationship with said customer. Step by step slow down go through the proses first with the customer. Before you say no, if you have no positive base set up with the customer first, then it is one of the fastest ways to lose a client. Example: CAR SALESMEN, a customer comes in to the showroom. Hello my name is Thomas Doherty Welcome into our showroom today! Who do I have the pleaser of meeting today?


(Customers response) hi my name is Dawn AND I AM JUST LOOKING!


Before I show you how to overcome this objection. Many consumers use this phrase or phrases like this to seemingly protect themselves from a customer service representative. It does not matter what business you’re in retail or not customers will use this type of objection. OK this should be your response (customer I AM JUST LOOKING! OK GREAT WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR. A CAR, TRUCK OR MOTORCYCLE WE HAVE IT ALL! Nine times out of ten the customer will then tell you what they are looking for very simple but effective response at this point you continue with the proses we have laid out above.


You might be saying to yourself right about now this sounds like sales tack ticks you are right if you are a customer service representative you are a salesman! You are selling yourself first and your company second. If a customer does not like you sorry to say they will not listen or bond with you thus the reason you must present your best self as likable energetic, enthusiastic, fun, happy joyous and fantastic. That energy is contagious if a customer is unhappy with you it’s probably because you did not follow the proses in full or put one hundred and fifty percent effort to win that customers trust in turn business. Once again put everything you have into each and every customer that calls/ walks in that door follow our steps first let me reiterate you must always look phenomenal. Project a sense of being a proud and confident professional. Hold your head up high give off the impression that you are in charge. This point is important you may have a boss you may be the boss but people are more likely to bond with a person who is in charge no one will give you this title act as if you are in charge and you will be. Equally important is have a wonderful time with the people you encounter. Your happiness will vastly improve thus creating a cycle with your customers. Your happiness spreads to them which in turn makes them spend more money with you or your business. They will come back to you more often and you become successful it also doesn’t hurt to have fun at work when your job doesn’t feel like work anymore it is a very good sign that you are becoming the professional you have strived to become. create that situation in your life make it happen for yourself it will not be given to you but you can take it and make it. Present yourself as the amazing customer service representative that you are, but also know when to be quiet and listen. Be patient you will probably be doing most of the talking anyway so let your customer speak when they want to speak. Allow the customer to talk about whatever they want to talk about even if it does not concern the business at hand. Remember balance as well this becomes very important. Continuing on this topic of listening here is something you will find out sooner or later and it is very important to absorb this information. The best customer service representatives in the world understand this principle. People are people, meaning when you do your job correctly your customer will become comfortable with you and I will guarantee eventually they will start to confide in you about their lives and issues and their positive situations as well EMBRACE THIS BEHAVIOR! This is a good thing it means you are building connections and relationships with your customers you’re doing your job correctly congratulations. A lot of times in the midst of a conversation with a wonderful service rep people do not realize they are telling you their privet business thus integrity comes into play in a very big way. So many people do not realize their bad habit’s kick in the very moment they get a bit of juicy GOSSIP. Please do not besmirch and or otherwise gossip about your customer’s personal business. Neither with your peers, employees or anyone for that matter. The only exception to this rule would be if the information you obtain pertains to someone hurting themselves or someone else then you must take this seriously because as companionate representatives we must care about our clients wellbeing, then the ethical thing to do is to report this to either your superior or law enforcement. You must have integrity and loyalty towards your customers. Essentially “we” customer service representatives become kind of like social workers so treat it like a client customer service representative confidentiality agreement. Believe me take your customer relationships seriously and you will be very successful. Relationships are built on trust do not betray your customers trust and always be Professional remember they are putting money in your pocket whether you are the business owner or an employee the customer essentially pays your salary treat them as such.



















































































*Customer Retention & Data Collection*























In the modern age digital era it is critical to collect every piece of information you can on each and every customer that walks in the door or calls on the phone. Every sub sequential visit to your establishment your customer should expect to be asked for an update on their information. The reason data collection is so important for one, this is how you build your customer network, client list and leads. Poorly trained employees will forgo getting this vital information and each time they let a customer leave or hang up without updating their info or obtaining the information initially, that costs you potentially thousands of dollars in business e.g. old customer phone numbers, bad addresses etc. Data collection and customer retention goes hand in hand. Collecting and organizing correct information on customers from the start will form the base of a successful business or carrier in customer service. The largest corporations in the world are increasingly focusing exclusively on data collection like Microsoft and google. Small and semi small business must follow this trend these large corporations spend millions on research. The smart small business owner and or carrier customer service representative will be wise to follow their lead. This is a business practice on going at this time. Collecting customer data creating large lead lists then selling those lead lists to companies that buy and sell customer information this is legal when your customer signs terms and conditions allowing your company permission to sell their info you must be aware this practice is happening every day. This practice is being done by the largest social media companies they are very powerful for one reason they have the most substantial customer information lists in the world and in a world where almost everything can be monetized, information is power for business. We do Highly recommend you practice data collection for positive excellent customer service purposes used with the strictest integrity in confidence and trust. This data can form the base for an amazing business fantastic customer service for example when you collect your customer’s information place their birthday in your system to alert you on that day every year and send them a birthday card reminding them that you are their personal representative and in fact I can assure you most other reps will not go above and beyond in this great way. This is an OLD SCHOOL trick and only one example out of hundreds of tack ticks you must use.  this will stick in your customer’s mind and they will appreciate it and continue doing business with you. Plain and simple truth is what you put in to your business or career is what you will get out. In other words, the more you study up on your chosen profession practice and master the craft of becoming a professional customer service representative an amazing thing will happen you will become encumbered with incredible rewards you probably didn’t even think would come of this profession. You will receive gifts of excellent communication ability that will enable you to carry a conversation with anyone anywhere and about almost anything people adorn individuals who are conversationalist’s or persons who have fantastic vocabulary and can speak very elegantly. If after you have mastered this craft, you will one day soon realize you do not have to act like the enthusiastic fantastic happy joyous and free personality. You have worked and clawed to one day become you are that person not only at work or in baseness but in life. You start realizing you uplift peoples spirits your energy is contagious people want to talk to you and be friends with you people gravitate to you because you are glowing with self-confidence, integrity, personality and energy these are but a flake of the treasure trove of rewards that becoming a professional customer service representative will empower you to gain and receive. By the time you earn these gifts and many others I will show you. You must expect for yourself the same rewards you give your clients every day. 






































Chapter six


*Practice makes perfect*










The overall principle we have been gradually building up too is the realization of the skills and techniques That makes one a professional customer service representative. The proses takes time, energy, persistence and general dedication to master. That is not to say talent isn’t something to be considered some individuals will excel at a more rapid pace but for the most part the journey to the top of your game will take experience and practice. The people at the top of any given field didn’t get there overnight. Customer service is a skill and a craft like any other trade. A general example of a craft or trade would be a stone mason or glass blower a music artist a painter just to name a few. The people that lead the pack in these fields are experts. They have taken years to master their skills and trades. You will have to take the time and energy to master the trade of customer service. Once you have some experience in the field sales qualifies as customer service as well. You can either be mediocre or be the best it all depends on what skill level you want to achieve. Becoming a master of your trade has different aspects to achieve before you are a top twenty percent service person. We are interested in becoming professional customer service representatives. The various aspects of this craft is as follows, communication skills. Without excellent communication ability you cannot create relationships or for that matter to do your job at all it is imperative to always be improving your communication skills. When one becomes an excellent communicator in other words garners amazing interpersonal skills. This quality alone can catapult you in business and in life people love a conversationalist and remember you are selling yourself first if your customer doesn’t like you they will not become loyal to you and your business. A person with excellent communication skills knows how to speak to people they understand social ques other people gravitate to someone they can converse with this is a key aspect to becoming a professional customer service representative. Second study up on your vocabulary we went over this but it is important and is a lifelong proses try and learn a new word each day and put it to use in your next conversation. People are more susceptible to a representative with excellent vocabulary and communication skills. One rule of thumb to keep in mind is people only know what you tell them they only perceive what you show them so it is imperative that you project a professional appearance physically and verbally. If it appears that you don’t care about how you are perceived, then your customers won’t take you seriously and again will not connect with you thus making it that much harder to gain a relationship with said customer. 






Chapter seven


*Perception is reality*

















The way your customers perceive you the first time you meet and greet the potential or current customer. The person you project and present becomes the reality of who you are in the mind of said customer. The following is a scenario of perception. You are a hotel manager. Two men drive up to your hotels parking lot. The first man is driving a twenty-year-old car he enters the hotel lobby wearing old worn out jeans a slightly wrinkled shirt his shoes are dirty and old. He has no jewelry on except a wedding band, his hair is disheveled and he has a five o’clock shadow. This man walks with his head down and speaks very low. The first man gets in line to check in to a room. Man number two drives up in a brand new freshly waxed luxury brand car. He enters the hotel lobby wearing a fine pin striped tailored suit his tie is perfectly made his beautiful handmade wood soul shoes make a wonderful sound as they hit the marble floor of the lobby. He is perfectly groomed on his wrist is a Swiss made very nice watch. His finger is adorned with a diamond ring that matches his cufflinks. This man smells fantastic with a very nice colon he approaches your line with his head held high and speaks with the perfect cadence, confidence and tone.  Now which man do you think is perceived as successful, desirable and has set himself up to gain relationships in business? The point of this kind of exercise is to examine how we are perceived and how we can create and project the amazing successful person we want our customers to perceive. This is not to say you need to go out and spend money on a fancy car and expensive suites when you are just beginning your carrier or starting a business. You can look like a million bucks buy carefully purchasing your suits men or women. In today’s retail market there is always a way to look great become perfectly groomed smell good for discount prices there is no shame in buying discount in the beginning. AT this point you should be willing to do anything you have to in order to be perceived as already successful even if you haven’t made your first deal yet. The money will come and the hot new luxury car and tailored suits are goals to reach in time. It is a proses you have to climb every little rung learn each lesson and gain experience to achieve maximum success.  Success is measured differently by each individual. For our purposes we are interested in becoming the best customer service representatives in our perspective markets. The way to the top is a proses with many layers. One very important layer is the way your customers perceive you. It is vital to making connections gaining relationships and ultimately creating lifelong customers. The information we covered in this mini book is but a fraction of what you need to know the truth is some things you need to get out there and learn from experience jump in the waters feet first take what you have learned from this first volume and see where the journey takes you. Good luck Thank You So much for reading Love Honor Integrity positivity happiness lifelong prosperity be with you at all times one last piece of advice when a situation seem like it’s the size of a mountain an feels like it will never pass remember it historically has always passed and probably for the better. Thank you so very much for everything enjoy your success be positive happy joyous and free!!


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