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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A touching story between a girl and a boy.

It was a sunny day, though the wind is cold. A girl, who seemed troubled and sad, is sitting on the grass field outside of her school. She has long brown hair, naturally curved, and blue eyes. Her bang danced softly with the wind in front of her eyes, making it hard to see her expression. She's wearing a uniform with a skirt, clean t-shirt, and a sweater. Her thin fingers holds on to each other, obviously revealing her struggled mind.

The boy walked quietly towards her, and stopped 5 feet away. None of them spoke, or moved. They stay there for 3 minutes before the boy starts to talk.

"Lanny, i'm so-"

"I don't want to talk."

He didn't reply. Instead, he sat beside her. The boy's blonde hair matches perfectly with his delicate face. He looked at the girl, and then looked at the same place that she's looking at. It's October, and the leaves are falling down. In front of them, somewhere far, the color of the leaves goes from red to yellow to green, messed up yet like art.

"Tell me what happened." The boy's voice cracked.

Lanny looked at him, perhaps noticing how sad he sounds. She paused for a moment.

"I'm moving away...to France." She said quietly.

The boy didn't seem shocked. He lowered his head and raised it up again, facing her.

"Yes, i know. I've known it for a year ago. Sorry i didn't tell you."

She wants to cry, but she held back. "Why? Why didn't you? You know i'm probably never going to see you again, and you're still saying such harsh words at me." Her voice is shaking now. "Don't you feel something you're wrong-"

"Yes, i do feel something. I know it's hard on you but i have to say it," he continued, after making sure she's listening," I realized that i never liked you. You are just my friend, and i never thought about anything more than that."

She can't bear it anymore. Her tears bursted out as she ran back to the school. The boy didn't follow.

The next day, she's on the plane to France. She didn't phone him or say goodbye. 

After school that day, the boy went home early. He opened his dairy and wrote the following words:

"Lanny, goodbye. Do you still remember that time when we sat on the grass at night and looked at the stars? That's when i realize that you're prettier than anyone else, and that's one i decided that i'll never like someone else besides you. You're always so nice to me and you're the most important girl to me. What i said yesterday was totally a lie. Maybe you won't miss me that much, or perhaps not at all, after me saying those words? I hope so. Go and seek new happiness in your life. We'll meet again somewhere in this world. I'm sure o fthat. I love you."

Two drops of tears soaked the paper.


Submitted: November 02, 2011

© Copyright 2020 Dolenziex. All rights reserved.

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