"Thanksgiving" a True American Tradition

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A poem from the heart!

Submitted: November 24, 2010

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Submitted: November 24, 2010



On this great American Holiday we try to give Thanks,

But we have no respect or regard for our banks;

We $pend and $pend on more food, drink, and pie,

While many will go hungry and probably die;

This is the American way just like in the past,

When we took all the land and kicked those Indians' ass;

So be thankful like me for at least one day,

That the Government hasn't taken our Turkey away;

As the day passes and the games are all done,

We can rejoice that the football season goes on;

For the end of the year is closing in,

And we will have to commit to those damn resolutions again;

As the Holiday Season still inches near,

We can write off all the bad shit thats happened this year;

No better time to be thankful with family and friends,

As we try to take back all the gifts that don't $pend;

For all I've offended my apology is sincere,

Fortunately for you this comes once a year;

So enjoy your families and yourself while you eat,

I'll be giving Thanks when the Jets and Patriots get beat!

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