History before evolution

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a small history paper written by a girl about the dark history of the splicers and generic engineering

Submitted: April 20, 2012

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Submitted: April 20, 2012





By:  Kyle A. Radtke


From Splicers history

A School report from the student Jess Aldermen


In the not so distant future the business of generic engineering is a common practice. Parents who are expecting are given the opportunity to give their children curtain traits. They can make the child the picture of beauty for up to 30 years. It even allows adults to go through dramatic changes without the need for plastic surgery. This miracle of modern science was accepted into society unusually fast. And like all miracle it took one man to take it too far.

This man was known as Johnny Profit. Johnny Profit was a famous rocker who thought that he could splice his way in to fame. When meeting a rather shady geneticist he revealed that he wanted to be spliced with the DNA of a lion. Needless to say it was for quite a pretty penny. After a few weeks he revealed his new self to the world. Overnight a new fad and style was made, people would splice themselves creating human animal hybrids.

And then the peace broke the normal humans stared to referrer to them self as the higher beings superior to that of the splicers. It wasn’t long before one of these idiots where elected to office.

Jeff Key was the first pureist to be voted in to office of the president. He soon made a law decreeing that only pure humans (that of no nonhuman DNA) could be elected to any form of political office. Of course that didn’t go off well with the splicers they soon retaliated. But like any war it started with one bullet. This bullet was shot right in to the skull of Johnny Profit’s young son’s head.

This caused Profit to lose it he started gathering up large groups of spicers and attacked towns and cities.

The government was forced to act making it illegal for splicers to own any form of property and as such they will be forced to towns and cities were they are allowed to live. Now with the full force of the law the army started a slaughter of the splicers forcing them deep in to the reserve cities. Once the splicer army was eliminated the laws made it illegal for anyone to have any generic transformations and for pure humans to enter the reserves, and likewise for splicers to leave them.

This is a terrible injustice and the government should not allow such things to happen.


The reader should know that after this girl gave her report to her class she wasn’t seen again.

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