One Christmas Day

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One Christmas Day written by my brother with some help from me(; Bear in mind he is not even 12!

Submitted: December 18, 2010

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Submitted: December 18, 2010



One Christmas day, Sam opened his presents in joy and laughter, with his family and friends.

He lived in a normal house like every other being, with mistletoe hanging over the front door. The living room was covered in lot’s of decorations, covering every inch, with streamers hanging over pictures, and cards disarrayed over the bookshelf, it was a sight to be proud of. In the corner, the Christmas tree was covered in tinsel and baubles hanging. To top it off, a magnificent fairy was placed at the very tip. She was wearing a long, floaty, shimmering dress. In the brightness of the light, you could see her sparkling.

Meanwhile outside, the snow softly touched the ground. You could see the snowmen lazing around on the field, wearing the quintessential snowman out fit, complete with an orange carrot for a nose.

He opened presents galore, to suddenly remember he had forgotten his mothers present. As an excuse, he simply said he had to go to the shops to buy a newspaper for his father. He ran all the way down the road, out of breath, to get a scented candle.

As he took his time, walking through a recently discovered shortcut that cut off about ten minutes of his time, Sam was just about to climb a gate when he dropped the candle. The jar broke into thousands of crystal clear fragments all over the snow covered ground. He screamed and broke down into tears and slumped onto the ground.

This was not over. He thought.

He had to go home, so he gave up and decided to tell the truth. That he had forgotten. By the time he arrived back, he said,

“I’m sorry, I forgot to get your present.” He frowned, Sam’s mother did not care, she was just happy he was safe and with the family.

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