Shrunken Head in Cali

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Three friends, who love surfing and hanging out,go to the flea market one day and find a 'special' shrunken head that provides three wishes. They soon figure out how everything happens for a reason.

Submitted: May 10, 2014

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Submitted: May 10, 2014





If you ever had the chance to have two wishes of anything you ever wanted, what would you wish for? How wisely would you use your wishes? And most importantly how badly will you regret ever taking the opportunity of a lifetime? In this story you’ll read about three friends, inseparable for life, slowly fall apart and turn on each other from their wishes.


Chapter 1: Ricky’s tale


*Buzz* *buzz* “Man its 9:30 in the morning and those punks are already waking me up!” *buzz* *buzz*. I reluctantly rolled out of bed to answer my phone,forgetting that i was on the edge of my bed already, and you guessed it. KU-PLUNK! While rubbing my throbbing forehead I finally answer my phone. It was a text message from Rene,one of my best friends, it read:

‘Hey, wake up Rick-Rack, me and Vince are going to the flea market then catching some gnarly waves afterwards, wanna join?’

I type back ‘sure, let me get ready and swing by in 30? K’. To be honest I’ve always hated being called Rick-Rack,but it sounded decent so I just went with it. Rene and Vince came up with it a year back when I was skateboarding home from school to get my surfboard and head out to the beach, when a couple of fine, with a capital F, girls walk by and them bam! I run smack dab into a clothes rack that was on the sidewalk for one those thrift shops.

I finish getting dressed, which wasn’t much since my wardrobe consists only of a pearl white button up t-shirt(unbuttoned of course) and my black trunks with an image of a wave going down the side of the legs and also a pair of quiksilver flip flops. Not long after putting on my lucky necklace (that I absolutely refuse to go anywhere  without) Rene and Vince comes-a-knocking.

Vince has always had my back since 2nd grade and he’s been my brosef since i moved to San Diego from Hana, Hawaii. He’s about average height 5’2 5’4 something like that always had a slender face even as a kid, never had that chunky face that most 2nd graders have. He has olive green eyes with that burst of hazel in the middle,  and I’ll be he’s had the same shaggy black hair cut, since I met him aside from getting shaved when its too long. Him and Rene has always been rad surfers and dude I promise you there isn't a single soul in San Diego that can tear up the skate park like Vinn, man, don't get me wrong Rene can rip it up to but when it comes down to it Vinn is way better.

We load up our boards and gear onto Rene’s Woody, and drive on down to the market to see whats new and strange enough to buy. After roaming around for about 10 or so minutes, we come up to this psyched out  Genie or gypsy lady, that's obliviously too strung out on some reefers or something, gets our attention by stroking a shrunken head’s hair. Rennie gives a small shock of disgust at the sight of the poor bodiless shriveled head.

“Yo, lady what is that jed?”, Vinn says as we stop to look.

“This ,my darling,” she creaks in one of those old creaky witch voices, which seems to hold a slight hint of regret or sorrow. I can’t tell, “is a shrunken head cursed by the 19th century catholic church Priest. Every century the shrunken head gives four people solely two wishes, theres a catch of course you can’t wish for more wishes and to make your wish you must hold it up and shout ‘ hokey, poky, stew horse balls and brain I wish for...’”

“Are you serious that is so ridiculous!”, Rene says growing more irritated as the old women laughs at the last statement.


Chapter 2: Rene talks


So this old creep lady is going to tells us to say some retarded gibberish after nearly scaring the crap out of me with that rotten centuries old head. Ugh, I can’t believe how interested Vince and Ricky are into this stupid thing.

The old hag coughs out a few chuckles that I was sure she was about to have a heart attack over, “No, of course you don’t have to say that crock of bull. All you have to do is hold it in your hand and say out loud your wish.”

“So there’s only like enough wishes for 4 people?”, Ricky asks with hopeful eyes like a little 6 year old asking their mother for a big lollipop at the candy shop.

“No, only good for 3 people. I used up my wishes, I wouldn’t dare wish this thing on to anyone else. Some see it as a blessing, I’d say its more a curse than a blessing. Poor souls in hell are more blessed than any who posses this.”, she says while holding up the head.

“Shoot! Lady that's like a miracle wrapped in disgusting wrinkly skin!” Vincie blurts out, sounding half stoned. That’s always been Vince, getting stoned out his mind here and there. Then there’s Ricky, he’s the ultimate brains of our little trio. He could seriously make it to college and be like a biologist or some type of scientist. I never met a dude who could be that smart yet waste his many talents on a puff. It saddens me to see him slowly waste his life like that, he’s always watching Vinny and I skate and do tricks while he just sits rubbing his necklace, you can practically see the envy ooze out of him. He loves surfing but he’s also always been a wanna-be skater.

Then there’s me I’m just another suburban teenage chick who surfs, skates and can just about do anything that a guy can even things that he can’t. I met Ricky and Vinn in 5th grade when I finally talked my parents into letting me go to a public school instead of a private girls school. Man that was like pure torture being stuck with thousands of premature barbies, being forced to be one myself, but anyways back to Ricky.

When I first laid eyes on Rick-Rack I thought he was the hottest guy in town. He had gorgeous dirty blonde hair, which he finally got a surfers hair style, he always been pretty tall and slender has slight muscular build, and you could just tell that he was from Hawaii by the dark tan he had. Man the way that his eyes sparkled, it was something, he has hazel eyes with one those greenish sunburst effects and just the right amount of brown specks and his broad face just made those suckers pop! But of course I was only 10 and saw a boy who enjoyed surfing and had that surfer/ skater style, I practically melted at the sight of him, I’m now 16 and a junior so it’s safe to say that my childhood crush has faded a good bit.

Anyways I’m done rambling about Ricky’s good looks, so while I was off daydreaming, Ricky managed to get the old ladies stupid head for 30 even and we were off to catch some waves. While the two numb nuts in the back are passing the head back and forth to get a good look at it and contemplate on what they want to wish for, I get a horrible gut wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach.


Chapter 3: Here comes Vince


Shoot I don't know why Rennie is so hard up about this head for its the coolest thing since the ‘01  skate tour in San Fran a couple years back, and I thought there would never be anything cooler than that.

“So Rennie how many wipe outs you think you’re going to have today?”

“Oh, you’re real funny, but I ain’t going to wipe-out as much as you and Rick-Rack back there.”, she replies back with a half chuckle.

“Ptt! Me wipe out?!” Me and Ricky sarcastically say at the same time.

Ricky’s now done examining the skull we bought at the flea market, I look at it for a second then I say out loud, more thought then question,“ So who’s going to have the first wish?”

“I wouldn’t even bother with that dang thing if I were you two!” Rene says glaring at me through the rear view mirror.

“Fine then your loss man.” Ricky says to Rennie, then turning his attention to me, “Hey, man I’ll flip you for it, heads or tails?”

I chuckle a little and reply, “Heads man, you can have all the president butt you want!”

Everyone joins in a chorus of laughter while Ricky pulls out a coin and flips it into the air, it lands on tails. “Looks like you get to try it out first, Ricky.” I say with disappointment in my voice which quickly clears as Rennie pulls into the beach parking lot. After a good half day spent out on the water we grab a bite to eat from the Wacky Shack near the beach then drop Ricky off at home. Rennie comes over for a couple hours for our weekly horror movie night were we cook a bunch of popcorn and sit back and watch a bunch of old horror flicks. After a couple movies I hug Rennie night and walk her out to the car, then go and sit on my porch rocking back and forth on the swing for a good 10 minutes or so daydreaming of things that will probably never come true. My dog comes waddling out the doggie door and walks over to rest her head on my lap, I give a sigh that I’ve been holding in for a while, and start stroking  my dogs head.

“Come on buddy its getting late out, lets gets some rest.”


Chapter 4: Ricky makes the wishes..


So I woke up this morning to my Russell Terrier, Scruffy, jumping on my midsection and trying to lick my face off. I get up to let him out and feed him. As I’m throwing on my pajama pants I notice the head on my night stand, just staring at me, it’s kind of creepy and sends an eerie chill down my spine. I start rubbing my lucky necklace that my father gave me a year before we left Hawaii, he said it’ll bless me everywhere I go and protect me from evil. It’s pretty much one of those little wooden tribal hooks and it also has a jade circular stone with a hole in the middle and a copper coin with waves on it. I miss those days, way before my father fell into drinking and started spending longer nights away from home. Those days were what I believe to be the best days of my life every day after he came home from work, which was the same time that I came home from school, he would take me out surfing till 6 or till it was too dark for a 6 year old to be out on the waves. Yep, isn’t anything I’d do to get him to quit drinking and to stop being a work-a-holic.

I sit down at the bar to drink a cup of coffee. I hear my ring tone of Surfin’ USA by the Beach Boys, I get up to answer it with memories of my early childhood still half on my mind. The ring tone stops playing and I pick up the phone to look at the new text from Vinn, it reads

‘You want to go out for a bite to eat with Rennie and I?’

I reply with ‘yeah sure man’ then go to find a pair of clean skinny jeans,which I can’t find so I settle for a pair of boardshorts, and quicksilver t-shirt. I sit back down to finish my coffee when Vinn comes strolling through the door.

“Hey man! Come on hurry up we got to go pick Rennie up.” he says trying so hard to prevent the corners of his mouth from curling up, yet his cheeks still blush a rosy red, but I just play it off as me not knowing his little secret that he would deny if it were to ever come up in a conversation.

“Yeah, whatever man, give me a second” I chuckle as I go to retrieve my house keys from my dresser.

We go and pick her up then go to Boston’s for a slice of pizza and root beer floats, and in the middle of eating my slice I notice a little boy and his father celebrating some type of occasion and then I have a flashback of once when my old man and I went out to the Riki Shack for lunch. Back when we didn’t need a special occasion to go out and eat, then more than the first realization it hits me even harder.

“That’s it!” I shout out loud without meaning to, “That’s it,” I say a second time, with Rennie and Vinn staring at me even more confused.

“I can wish for my father to be around more back when I was a kid!” I say now realizing I’m shouting and lower my voice with a cheek to cheek smile about ready to break my face in half from the joy of the thought  running through my head. I shove the rest of my pizza in my mouth and chew with excitement. After lunch I get dropped off at home and immediately run in to make my wish.

“I wish my dad would get more time off from work!” I say waiting a couple minutes, then thinking that its not going to work till the morning I turn in for the night.

The next morning I wake up and remember my wish from the previous night and run into the dining room to find my dad sitting at the table reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee, I’m about ready to float on up to cloud nine and ask my dad if he wants to go out to the beach, catch some waves then come home wash up and take everyone out for dinner tonight. Then as if he could read my thoughts he looks up from the paper and says, “Sorry son, we can’t go to the beach today I have to go into work in 30 minutes. Maybe next week I’ll take the weekend off, all these mornings are starting to catch up to me.” he says as he lets out a huge yawn that causes a chain reaction as my excitement duck dives and crashes hard, and I could’ve sworn I heard a record scratch when he said that no lie. I apathetically say OK and pour me a bowl of cereal and enjoy what little quality time with my father while I have the chance.

Dad leaves in his Dodge truck and I grow very bored, I take out my phone to call Vinny. It rings a couple times then he picks up.

“Hello?” he says groggily.

“Hey man, didn’t mean to wake you. You want to go catch some a movie or something?” I say in reply.

“Its 10:30 in the morning, want to hit the skate ramps and catch a few waves first?”

“Yeah sure, sounds good to me. I’ll call Rennie and see if shes up to it.”

“OK come by and we can load up our stuff and leave.”

“Sounds good, see you.”

I hang up then call Rene, she of course agrees. I pick up Vinny and Rene and head to the skate park first. After a couple run ins with the concrete I decided to rest for a minute. I get lost in watching Rennie skate and a sudden and odd feeling strikes me as the sun hits her face while she’s doing a 360, I suddenly realize that I’ve always had feelings for her for quite a couple years now. I just never wanted to ruin our good friendship that we had going on. I take my bag into the bathroom with me to change into my surf attire and when i pull out my trunks the head tumbles out, I pick it up and turn it over a couple times.

“I wish Rennie could have the same feelings for me that I have for her.”

I know its a silly wish, but it just seemed right to wish for it, I finish getting dressed and shout out to Vinny that I’m going to walk over to the beach, they come in tow all hot and sweaty ready for a jump in the cool waters.

“Hey Vin, its your turn with the head.” I tell him.

“Sweet! So what did you wish for?” he says curiously but excited.

“Man didn't you ever hear if you say your wishes out loud they won’t come true!?” I reply.


Chapter 5: It’s Vinnie’s turn


Ricky drops me off at home as he’s backing out my driveway I go to my room and pull out my vintage old times chest that I keep my old photos and momentous in. I run my fingers over the aged metal straps and busted lock, I wonder who’s had this before me and the contents they contained in it. When I first bought this from one the San Diego auctions I looked over it a million times, that I was starting to think  it was just another plain old hunk of junk. Then a week later I decided to take all my pictures and home movies and put them in there, well anyways I had the chest propted on the edge of my bed I was just throwing photo albums in there, and well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. It went crashing on to the floor and when I picked up all my albums swearing under my breath, I notice that a drawer/ flap came loose when I looked in I saw that it wasn’t fully cleaned out. There was a couple old photos from back in like the 18 or 1900’s I thought they was the coolest thing ever, and of course my own little secret. Weirdly enough the one picture of this old guy holding a surfboard, and smiling happy as can be at the photographer, I always talked to him.Yeah I know he can’t talk back, but hey at least he can’t spill his guts to whoever, but yeah I always told him all my secrets exceptionally about Rennie and how I’ve always been a little jealous of the way Ricky looked at Rene.

I snap out of my little trans and continue to what I was originally pulling it out for in the first place. I rummage through the storage boxes and find a home video of me at the beach surfing with Ricky, then this little dirt blonde cutie is in the corner of the shot watching Rick and I tear up the waves pretty darn good for 10 or 11 year olds. So we spent the rest of the day surfing and man were me and Ricky feeling like idiots when Rene turned out to be a pretty good surfer, for a girl at least. It took me a couple years to actually develop feelings for her.

After watching the video over and over I’ve finally made up my mind to wish to have Rene as my girl. Also after many hours contemplating I decide to make Rene happiest ever. I also made the wish to get cleaned up, to quit smoking and to quit doing drugs completely. Knowing its late I give Rene a text anyways. I tell her that it’s her turn with the head if she wants to still make her wishes or any at all. She replies back with

“Thanks. Want to come by tomorrow and drop it off then hang out later?’

I tell her ‘that sounds like a plan to me. See you tomorrow sleep tight.’, and I too fall asleep.


Chapter 6: Rene takes a chance.


Last week Vince came over with this disgusting head, and I’m supposed to make two wishes of whatever I want? Man this is crazy. Well Ricky hasn’t been over lately since his dad got laid off for a while and since he can’t work all the time he’s been drinking even more, and for arguments sake lets just say that he’s not the kindest drunk. I went over there a couple days ago to see how he was doing with his dad drinking more than ever and we just hung out for a while till I got a call from my parents telling me to come home. He walked me out to my Woody then just out of no where he kisses me, first as a peck, but then it turns more passionate. Oh and lets not mention how today when Vince came over I got the sudden urge, out of completely no where, to just kiss him. At first he was a little shocked but then he gets comfortable with it, then Ricky comes through the door and sees us two on the couch just about going at it. Ricky socks Vin in the side and they start shouting I get their attention by squirting them with a water gun. I scream at the top of my lungs furious and embarrassed at the same time. I tell them to get out of my house that I don’t want this in my house what so ever, they reluctantly leave and just by the last glare that they shot each other I knew nothing was to be the same again. I try to get all of us at the beach to do what we love best, which is to surf, and boy that didn’t work out at all!

Then I remembered the head and wish that it would be easier to choose who I want. I then get a text from Vin demanding that I never try that again, then I also get one from Ricky and he more of asks then demands me to not get us to kiss and make up. I tell both of them that I won’t. Since its been a long day and all hopes of plans are ruined I drive home and fall asleep. I’m woken up at 1 in the afternoon the next day from my phone vibrating around on my table. Ricky’s been trying to call me all day I guess. I answer and he says,

“It’s about time you pick up.” He sounds drunk like his accent is slurred and then I hear a bottle of pills rattle and then Ricky swallowing something.

“Uh, yeah sorry about that guess I was wiped yesterday.”

“It’s fine, look I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry about everything, and that you don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

“Ricky, what are you talking about?” I say growing increasingly worried.

“Just don’t worry about it. Man what the heck is Vince doing here!?”

I hear Vince barge in and they start cussing back and forth then the phone drops and I can faintly hear punches being exchanged. I realize what's going on, and with Ricky being drunk who knows what he’ll do. I rush to my car and speed off, I run into the house. Their still rolling around punching and blood everywhere. I see a bottle of painkillers on the floor and instantly realize how the situation is way worse. I search my bag frantically and start throwing coins at them with all my might, they don’t stop. Then my hand brushes something hairy and cold. It’s the shrunken head. Ricky’s almost unconscious now, I wish and plead out loud for everything to turn back normal back before we bought the shrunken head. Everything goes blank.


Chapter 7: Ricky wakes up


*Buzz* *buzz* “Man its 9:30 in the morning and those punks are already waking me up!” *buzz* *buzz*. I reluctantly rolled out of bed to answer my phone,forgetting that i was on the edge of my bed already, and you guessed it. KU-PLUNK! While rubbing my throbbing forehead I finally answer my phone. It was a text message from Rene,one of my best friends, it read:

‘Hey, wake up Rick-Rack, me and Vince are going to the beach to catch some waves afterwards, wanna join?’

I type back ‘sure, let me get ready and swing by in 30? K’.

So yeah, Rene and Vince man they’ve been my best buds since I moved here almost 7 years ago, surfing is our passion. Rene comes by and I load up my surf gear, we head out to the beach and surf till the sun sets then we call it a day and just sit on the shore and watch the sun paint colors across the sky. I silent think to myself ‘Man these are the days, I wouldn’t trade nothing for this.’


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