Knowledge: the story of Musa and Al-Khider

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this story is in Quran, its just one of my favorite and i'm planning to expand it in the future



The reason for Musa's conversation with the boy-servant, Yusha` bin Nun, was that he had been told about one of the servants of Allah at the junction of the two seas, who had knowledge which Musa had not been granted, so he wanted to travel to meet him. So he said to that boy-servant of his:

“I will keep on traveling, until I reach the junction of the two seas, even if it took my entire life”* (author’s note)

But when they reached the junction of the two seas, they forgot their fish. Yusha had been commanded to carry a salted fish with him, and it had been said to him, when you lose the fish, that will be a sign that you have reached the right place. So they set out and traveled until they reached the junction of the two seas, where there was a spring called `Ayn Al-Hayat (the Spring of Life). They went to sleep there, and the fish felt the drops of that water, so it came back to life. It was in a vessel with Yusha`, upon him be peace, and it jumped out of the vessel towards the sea. Yusha` woke up and the fish fell into the water and started to swim through the water, leaving a track or channel behind it.

So when they had passed further on, Musa said to his boy-servant: "Bring us our morning meal; truly, we have suffered in this journey”

He said: "Do you remember when we betook ourselves to the rock I indeed forgot the fish; none but Satan made me forget to remember it...'' Then he said:

“It took its course into the sea in a strange way!''

Musa said: "That is what we have been seeking.''

So they went back their footsteps until they found a man covered with a garment. Musa greeted him. Al-Khider said, "Is there such a greeting in your land'' Musa said, "I am Musa.'' He said, "Are you Musa the Children of Israel?'' Musa said, "Yes,'' and added, "I have come to you so that you may teach me something of that knowledge which you have been taught.'' Al-Khider said, ("Oh Musa! I have some of Allah's knowledge which He has bestowed upon me but you do not know it; and you too, have some of Allah's knowledge which He has bestowed upon you, but I do not know it.''

Musa said, "If Allah wills, you will find me patient, and I will not disobey you in aught.''

Al-Khider said to him, "Then, if you follow me, ask me not about anything till I myself mention it to you.''

So they set out walking along the shore, until a boat passed by and they asked the crew to let them go on board. The crew recognized Al-Khider and allowed them to go on board free of charge. When they went on board, suddenly Musa saw that Al-Khider had pulled out one of the planks of the ship with an ad. Musa said to him, "These people gave us a free ride, yet you have broken their boat so that its people will drown! Verily, you have done a terrible thing!”

Al-Khider said, "Did I not tell you, that you would not be able to have patience with me''

Musa said, "Call me not to account for what I forgot and be not hard upon me for my affair (with you).

In the first instance, Musa asked Al-Khider because he had forgotten his promise. Then a bird came and sat on the edge of the boat, dipping its beak once or twice in the sea. Al-Khider said to Musa, "My knowledge and your knowledge, in comparison to Allah's knowledge, are like what this bird has taken out of the sea.''

Then they both disembarked from the boat, and while they were walking on the shore, Al-Khider saw a boy playing with other boys. Al-Khider took hold of the boy's head and pulled it off with his hands, killing him. Musa said to him, "Have you killed an innocent person who had killed none! Verily, you have committed an unforgivable sin!'' He said, "Did I not tell you that you would not be able to have patience with me''

The second blame was stronger than the first one'. Musa said, "If I ask you anything after this, keep me not in your company; you have received an excuse from me.'' Then they both proceeded until they came to the people of a town. They asked them for food but they refused to entertain them. Then they found there a wall on the point of falling down. Al-Khider set it up straight with his own hands. Musa said, "We came to these people, but they neither fed us nor received us as guests. If you had wished, surely, you could have taken wages for it!'' Al-Khider said: "This is the parting between you and I am. I shall tell you the interpretation of those things over which you were unable to be patient.

“As for the boat, it belonged to poor people working in the sea and there was a king who sized every boat by force, so I wanted to prevent him from taking this boat by making it appear faulty, so that its poor owners who had nothing else could benefit from it. "And as for the boy, his parents were believers, and we feared he would oppress them by rebellion and disbelief. So we intended that their Lord should exchange him for them for one better in righteousness and nearer to mercy.

Finally the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the town, under it a treasure belonging to them. Their father was a righteous man, and your Lord intended that they should attain their age of full strength and take out their treasure as a mercy from your Lord. And I did them not of my own accord. That is the interpretation of those things over which you could not be patient.


Submitted: May 03, 2013

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