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I went by Bike N Bob's in Dover the other day. They were having a half price sale on year old Power bars, so I stopped in to pick up a few of the rock hard bars. I've found that an overage Power Bar works great as a fireplace starter log. After buying a case of Chocolate, I was in the back room watching Bob and Gil work on a couple of high dollar LiteSpeed titanium Mountain bikes and noticed something hanging under the seats. Under each seat were 4 or 5 small bones tied with wire, each one hanging down and swinging free. These bones or parts of bones were about 3 to 5 inches long. I asked what the hell is that stuff and the guys laughed and said that's MOJO.


They went onto explain that these riders picked up animal bones on the trail and keep some for good luck. MOJO is supposed to ward off evil Mountain Bike spirits or something like that. MOJO protects people from crashing. And I started to remember reading in Mountain Bike Action or some other Generation X orientated Magazine, about riding with a MOJO. Hell, I thought MOJO was a person up to now.

Bob went onto explain, that one of the bikes belonged to a dentist and there was some interesting teeth mounted on the front handle bars. I looked up front and here was a huge row of teeth mounted in pink plastic denture material. The Dentist had found a beavers skull somewhere on the trail and had extracted two large Beaver buck teeth. They were the center piece in this wild MOJO grin. On each side of the beaver fangs, were 3 or 4 large canine teeth from a collection of big animals. As the teeth tapered back and got smaller and smaller, they began to look more and more like human teeth. There were molars and incisors and chipped out wisdom teeth. When I noticed a molar with a large gold filling in it, I had to ask who the dentist was that owned this bike. When they told me, I screamed out;

"That's my tooth!"

That's the one my dentist said 'HAD' to come out!
That's the tooth he never would show me the X-rays of!

That's the tooth he got when I went in for a routine 6 month cleaning and walked out swollen and toothless! He SAID that tooth and 3 more needed emergency removal. I sat in his chair for 5 hours in extreme never ending nerve pain while he pulled out all my teeth! And all thetime he worked on me, his eyes sparkled, as he danced around the dental chair, humming and singing some song about finding more MOJO.

And then three weeks later, I had an even larger pain when my damn Dental Insurance company refused to pay his $2635 bill. Which by some weird MOJO coincidence happens to be the exact same price of a new titanium LiteSpeed mountain bike.

Submitted: July 29, 2013

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a nice

Mon, July 29th, 2013 8:45am

Criss Sole

Hah. I liked this story. Now I can't stop thinking about getting teeth pulled.

Thu, August 1st, 2013 6:21am

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