*Dreams and Love*

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I was a bit of (and still am) a romantic as a child :)... Here's another poem I wrote way back when (January 25th, 2003)

Submitted: October 25, 2007

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Submitted: October 25, 2007




I was out late one summer night
Walking slowly down the road
When this gurgling feeling down in my soul
Made me stop in my tracks
My heart was pounding like a steady beating drum
And I was feeling as if the world had stopped turning
And all that mattered in that vivid moment was me and the friendly star
It winked and blinked at me
Like a good friend would do when you were confiding a secret
I felt I could trust him and he would help me out
I sat down in the freshly mowed grass by the road
And just gazed upon him in awe and amazement
I sat there and just talked to him about my troubles and problems
I wanted to find the special one
I was with one at that time, but I didn’t feel the way I knew I should
I didn’t feel complete
I was like a person with an empty dream and an empty heart
That only the hand-picked one could fill
This one wasn’t him
I knew I needed to look
He was as close to the heavens as each stitch in a finely sewn shirt
I asked him because he was so high in the sky
If he could see the one for me
I never much believed in wishes
But very much so in dreams
But that night I made a dream a wish
One that could come true only with times permission
And as we said goodbye
I felt the world come alive again
I removed myself from the silence and came to be one with everything around me again
I floated home pondering what would happen
Knowing who I had wasn’t the one
Another week later we went our ways
Picked different paths in life
Not knowing where it was leading
Just following the course which was to be my life
I started seeing a light ahead of me not too soon later
I reached it and the light enveloped me
It was a familiar feeling
One I had felt many months ago
Now though, it’s feeling had changed
Not worse, just as if someone shared the feeling
As if I weren’t alone in that light
I kept walking through the light until I was flowing
It encircled me, entrapped me
Wouldn’t let me free
It was like I was floating helplessly in a pool that had no end; no place to breathe
But yet, I could still breathe and I didn’t want to move…
Wanted to be part of the light
Suddenly the light burst
I could feel it deep down
It was as if I had swallowed the light and it was filling up inside of me
I realized in that moment
Being inside the light
Who I wanted
And at the same time
Feeling as if they wanted me as well
And I realized the familiar feeling in the light
Was the one I had felt when the light enveloped me
The first time I met them
When this one asked to be with me
I said yes out of love and not want for a person
This one fills that empty space
It feels right
It may be right
But it will all be determined in the end by the Master
The one who determines it all
He will decide
And I know I will be happy
And knowing that, I can sleep at night
Knowing I will always have someone who loves me for who I am
And will always be there for me
No matter what
So I say goodnight light
Whether we meet again will be determined
But until then… farewell!
I’m following my path
Whether this one be the one
Or another path is meant for me
I will enjoy the ups and downs awaiting me
For love will always be there
Always surrounding me and protecting me
Keeping me safe from evil and hurt
I hope this one is the one
He does all he can and all he can he does
He makes me feel complete
Like a puzzle without any missing pieces
Like a bag of candy without a single piece even touched
He makes me feel like I’m better than what I really am
Like an angel who can fly and do the “impossible”
Like a person who can become more than anyone ever really could
Like I’m worth more than anything in the world
And when I’m upset or down
He cheers me up and always makes me feel like a blossom in the middle of spring
Always wants the best for me
Says I’m the best for him
Makes me feel I can do anything
That I can be whatever I want to be
That I’m wanted and needed by someone
And someone will always be there
And always love me
That I’m that person’s soulmate
I could be his
I could be another’s
But I feel as if I’m the luckiest girl in the world
To have a guy as great as him
Make me feel as if I’m better than the best
And the one who finally ends up with him
Will be just as lucky as I in this moment of my life
Experience teaches lessons, and this was an important one in my life
Because to the world you may be one person
But to one person, you will forever mean the world
And no matter how you want to be loved
If someone gives you the fullest extent of love in their heart
They give you the greatest gift of all
True love
Which I hope
Everyone, including myself, will eventually find someday
On their road of life

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