The Reptilian Abduction (Luis' Space Journey Part 1)

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Have you ever stopped to look up at the night sky? Well, Luis did it on the wrong night, because he wound up getting abducted by Aliens! Read this story to find out if Luis will ever find his way off of the Alien Mothership!

Submitted: October 04, 2013

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Submitted: October 04, 2013



This is a Science Fiction/Romance kind of story, just so you know what you're reading before reading! You were warned, so do not post nasty comments about the love aspects, I put them there for a reason!



On a Friday Night, Luis is walking his girlfriend Alicia home. When he is outfront her house, he tells her he loves and her and to have a good night. Once Luis begins to head back to his house, he decides to take a long way home, and cuts into the park for a little stroll. There is nothing but the sound of crickets there. Luis goes towards the old swing set, and sits down on one of the swings. He looks up at the night sky, thinking about what his Future with Alicia holds. He thinks for a while, about everything him and Alicia have done together in their 2 years of dating. He remembers stuff like when him and Alicia first met at Summer Camp, first went out bowling, had their first kiss, Luis smiles and gets off the swing. While he is walking out of the park, a strange light was glistening over him. It was dangerously close to the ground, and that made Luis begin to back away. But before he even had a chance to run, his body become paralyzed, unable to move. He was then floating up into the strange light. This is the last thing Luis remembers.


Now, when Luis wakes up, he's in a dark room. He cannot see anything, but a small little hole in the wall. When he looks through that hole, he sees Alien Creatures, that are reptilian-like talking in a language he did not understand. Luis backed up, scared out of his mind. He then curled up into a ball, and pretended to be sleeping. Luis was in probably the biggest fright of his life right now. He had no idea where he was at, what was going on, nor if he was even going to get home! A few minutes later, a reptilian-like alien opened the door, and grabbed Luis thinking he is still asleep. Then when he is brought into another room, he is put on a examination table. The Reptilian looks at him for a solid minute, and then puts its scaley fingers on Luis' chest. Luis screams, and then holds his mouth shut. The Reptilian pulls out a strange-looking weapon, and aims it at Luis. He then directs Luis to another room, with a big machine that looked similar to the known-stereo. He then gives Luis a device, and then pulls out a similar device. He speaks through the device, and Luis could hear in perfect English "We do not mean any harm to you". Luis then talks into the device, and asks "What are you people, where I am??". The Reptilian speaks through the device, and the output message is "I am Xorgenax, ruler of the Planet TRSD12. This is our space-ship, which hovers right above our Homeplanet. Us reptilains have been studying you humans for a very long time. And you are aboard my space ship for a very important reason. We need to collect your DNA Sample, and use it to see exactly what the Human Race is capable of nowadays. If it shows that you aliens are dangerous, I will destroy your planet and kill you during the process. If it proves you're harmless to us, your planet is off the hook, but YOU will forever be my slave". "Luis Asks "Why are you so concerned about my planet? Also, why would you make me your slave?!". Xorgenax again, speaks through the device and the outputting message says "That is Classified Information not for you to know. And If we brought you back to Earth, you would tell everybody what you saw here, and our cover would be blown. We cannot have your race discovering what we are". Luis yells into the device "This is crazy, I won't tell anybody! I don't want to be an experiment of yours, let me go back home! Blank my memory or something, please. I want to see my Alicia again! I love her with everything inside of me!". A long silence occurs. Luis then whispers one last quote "Just let me go......Love isn't an easy burden".


Xorgenax's message to Luis is "Love? We reptilians do not have emotions, and do not see the importance of emotions like love. In our eyes, Love is only a mutual feeling between two people, which is extremely common, if you think about it. Two total strangers can have the same mutual feeling about one another. But do they say that they're in love? Don't you humans see that yet?". Luis stares at Xorgenax, and thinks for a while. Finally, he says through the device "I see what you mean. But what if-" A crashing sound occurs. Xorgenax grabs Luis, and throws him into the chamber he woke up in, but keeps the lights on this time. Luis discovers a small window that he must not have noticed before, and looks out of it.


As Louis counts the stars, he thinks back to his most fondest memory of him and Alicia. Back in 8th grade, there was a school dance Luis and Alicia attended. They were looking forward to it for a long time. When they got there, they went to get Fruit Punch because of the exhuasting walk from their house to the school. During the dance, Luis and Alicia saw old friends of theirs and stopped to chat with them. When Alicia went to get a 2nd cup of Punch, she accidentally spilled it and it got all over her dress. Before Alicia could even run out, Luis grabbed her hand, and looked into her eyes while her face was as red as a Cherry. Luis told her that they were going slow-dancing, no matter how bad she looked. He's been looking forward to this for a long while, and a little spill isn't going to ruin it for him, and it shouldn't for her either. After that, slow-dancing music came on. Luis swirled Alicia around, and they began to slow dance, At the end of the song, Luis gave Alicia a kiss full in the mouth, and that got everybodies attention. Alicia whispered into Luis's ear, that he was the best person she ever met. After the dance, they went to the park, and decided to lay in the grass and look up at the night sky. Alicia kept pointing out stars that fascinated her. The star that always caught her eye, was a bright purple one that always shined simultaneously. It was one of the brightest of the Night Sky. Luis liked a Small Green Star that always blinked. It reminded him of many personal things. They stayed there for a long hour, and then decided to go home. Alicia said "I wish this night could last forever". Luis had the same thought. Thinking back to it, Luis almost lost it. He cried for a while, and thought about if he would ever get to see her again. He was alone in the chamber for a good hour and a half. Until something drastic happened.


When the Chamber door finally opened, it wasn't good. Luis was greeted by Xorgenax, who gave him the translation device once again. Xorgenax messages that "The DNA Sample shows that the Human Race are harmless. As long as they have their inferior emotions getting in the way, you humans will never find the true currency of the meaning of life in the Universe".


Before Luis even gets the chance to say something back, a red alarming sound goes off. He is signaled to stay put, and Xorgenax closes the chamber door. Luis is frightened, and does not know what is going on. After a few minutes pass by, Luis realizes that Xorgenax didn't lock the door. He considers trying to escape, but is unsure about it. But, the thought of him never seeing Alicia's smile again scared him straight into escaping. As he opened the door, he stealthily ran to a nearby elevator. He decides to go up to the top level, with hopes that there are escape pods there. What he finds are not escape pods, but a full stack of advanced technology. Nobody was in the area, so he decided to check it out. One device was a time-altering device. The first button he pressed made him stop time, and the other ones made him go backwards/forward in time. He put it into his pocket, and quickly went back down the elevator, but this time to the basement floor. There, he found the ship's main engine! Luis then composed of an idea. He figured that if he stopped time, and wrecked the engine, he could have enough time to bring down the ship, get to a escape pod, and find his way back home to Earth!


So then, he decided to keep snooping around floors until he found the escape pods. Every time Reptilians were nearby, he stopped time with the Time-Device so he could snoop around and look for escape pods. Once he found them, he went back to the Technology Room and looked for some weapons. One equipment he found was pretty big, and looked like enough to bring down the engine and the ship. He grabbed it, and went back onto the elevator. When he got to the bottom floor again, he made sure to stop time and start blasting at the Main Engine. When the engine looked damaged enough to him, he unfroze time to use the elevator. As he went up, the alarms were going off like crazy. At each floor he passed, he decided to stop time again and start wrecking the place to make sure the ship will go down. When he gets to the floor of the escape pods, there is a whole brigade of Reptilian officers surrounding the escape pods. Luis again froze time, and made his way for the escape pods. Something came to mind though, he thought about the possibility of the officers getting into the other escape pods and blasting him out of the pod. So he then shot up every escape pod except one, and got in. He closed the door tight, and unfroze time. He could hear laser shots hitting his escape pod, before he finally got off the ship and escaped. As he looked out the back window, he saw the Reptilian Ship go down, and it blew up right on the planet. The explosion was so bad, the planet actually began to crack! Then he saw it explode! A planet exploding! Luis has seen everything he's needed, to say that this was a successful plan! The Escape Pod had a GPS-Like device, but Luis could not use it since he cannot understand the Reptilian language. So this means he must navigate through Space, finding clues on finding his way back home to Earth.


As Luis navigates through Space, he sees something that blew his mind. He sees the purple star Alicia always pointed out! He is passing right by it, with his mouth wide open. While looking at it, he thought about Alicia and began to weep. After a few minutes, he decided to stop weeping, and continue his voyage through space, with the hopes that he will someday return to Earth. When he left the star, he did not look back to see that the star was actually shriveling down, into a nebula.




Do you guys like it? It's one of the first big stories I have written in a while! So I guess you can say I'm a little rusty. Plus it's late at night, so of course a mistake is bound to be in there somewhere.

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