Own worste enemy

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This is just my opinion, my take on life.

Submitted: May 23, 2008

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Submitted: May 23, 2008



A couple of years ago, my mom told me that I’m my own worst enemy. I was shocked, angry. How could she say something like that? She knows what I’ve been through in my life. What I had to cope with, from a very young age. That night I sat in my bed, feeling terribly sorry for myself and it hit me right between the eyes.
When things get bad in our lives we tend to forget all the good things. We only concentrate on the bad and the ugly. I am a single mother, it’s hard at times but I’ve got so much to be thank full for. I’ve got a beautiful daughter, she’s perfect and healthy. I am employed, thus I can support myself and my child. I am not disabled, thus I can play with my child. I can do anything I want, run, walk, sing, dance, jump, talk, see, hear.
I’ve got a house to live in, thus I’m sheltered from the ice cold of winter. I’ve got food to eat every day, thus I don’t starve. I’ve got family and friends that support me. They stand by me through every crisis, so technically I’m never really alone.
Life will be boring if you never had challenges. Don’t think of every crisis as a knock to yourself, think of it as a challenge. When you get through the hard times you can slap yourself on the back and say WELL DONE CHAP YOU’VE DONE GOOD.
Be your own best friend not worse enemy. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

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