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I've always figured there were rules to attraction and rules to dating. However the longer I think about the basic principles, the harder it becomes for me to follow tese fundamental rules. I imagine each scenario playing out in my own palace of thoughts, and in each scenario your entire being creates an unidentified force that cause my palace to fall into ruins. So then I have to wonder, are the rules no longer valid? That must not be the case I see everyday that people all around us foolishly following these fundamental rules. Yet these basic things now fluster and vex me when the thought of you enters my head. I am left with one  conclusion. You are no ordinary girl. The thought of you disrupts all i have learned. I am enjoying every moment of this vexation. you disturb the norm in my head so beautifully; i can't stop thinking. I hate the structured life we all must live out, everything must always be the same. It's disgusting, and here you are beautifully destroying all that i've known about a relationship with a girl the thought of another girl puts me back to structure but the thought of you completely destroys. Thank you.

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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