Days of Fall

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two young friends battle bullies, relationships, and tough choices to realize their dreams. a brilliant and violent Micky Rosenholt creates Rosenholt incorporated, bringing it to the pinnacle of of success before it tumbles under the weight of his own ambition.

Table of Contents

The Fight

Chapter One   They stand shoulder to shoulder in the crowded boxing gym, pushing back against the crushing press of bodies. ... Read Chapter


Chapter 2 Vincent hits the ball so hard it slices through the air without any arc and curves into the right field wall. He’s plac... Read Chapter

First time to Jail

Chapter 3   He finds himself alone, locked in a windowless classroom. Taking a seat in one of the desks, he waits with his h... Read Chapter

The Trial

Chapter 4   He spends the night tossing and turning on the narrow bunk bed in his cell. Earlier he was given a prison jump... Read Chapter


Chapter 5    The TV is on but the sound it’s turned all the way down. He hears his mother in the kitchen, speaking so... Read Chapter

The Shotguns

Chapter 6   She yells at him for the first time she can remember. Watching Micky had given her strength. The release of pent... Read Chapter

Fighting Back

Chapter 7   The chill October air makes him shiver as he hurries down the street to the narrow trail that will lead him to h... Read Chapter

Buried Treasure

Chapter 8   The alarm blares and he slaps at it to turn it off. Dressing in fresh smelling, clean clothes he hurries to the ... Read Chapter

Community Service

Chapter 9   He meets his community service group for the first time. It’s Saturday morning and they’re in a farmer’s f... Read Chapter

the Mackenzie’s

Chapter 10   Vincent sits at the desk in his small bedroom, drawing a diagram on sheet of paper with a freshly sharpened p... Read Chapter

The Cutlass

Chapter 11   From the Mackenzie’s he heads directly to worlds gym, making it just in time to start his shift. After punchi... Read Chapter

Business Deal

Chapter 12   After finishing high school Micky goes to work in the fabrication department of a steel mill in the industrial ... Read Chapter

The Plan

Chapter 13   He first tries his bank for a loan, making an appointment at the branch where he had his account. He wears his ... Read Chapter

Grand Theft Auto

Chapter 14   Vincent erupts in laughter. He thought he knew Micky, but watching him now, he’s afraid his friend isn't joki... Read Chapter

The Heist

Chapter 15   He chooses a bank on the edge of town, close to the highway for a quick getaway. Its number one Main Street, a ... Read Chapter

The Getaway

Chapter 16   He sits alone in a dark motel room, the only light the flicker of the headlights on the freeway. He's tried t... Read Chapter

Second time to Jail

Chapter 17   He wakes early and eats breakfast at the small diner attached to the motel. After breakfast he loads the car in... Read Chapter

Al's Custom Machining and Auto Restoration

Chapter 18   It’s a chilly, cloudy Saturday morning when he walks into Al's Custom Machining and Auto Restoration. He can ... Read Chapter


Chapter 19   Marshal is given a desk and a computer, and Micky hands him Vincent’s folder. Bringing him into the back of... Read Chapter


Chapter 20   A long black limousine rolls to a stop in front of a rundown apartment building. A man in a custom tailored b... Read Chapter

The Mine

Chapter 21   The garage door rises quietly on oiled runners. Micky ducks underneath and grabs the heavy canvas cover drape... Read Chapter

The Cathedral

Chapter 22   He checks his watch and realizes he has only two hours left. He will probably make it, but it’ll be close. ... Read Chapter


Epilogue   Shonnen brings his unmarked police cruiser to stop in front of the evidence van. He is Detective Shonnen now, a... Read Chapter