Goodbye For Always

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Surrender to change

Submitted: April 14, 2008

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Submitted: April 14, 2008



You don’t exist
I find it strange
I’m dancing with your ghost
Oh, how things change

You’re reaching out
I find it hard
To reply to your hand
To speak through scars

Because scars like wounds
Are sealed up tight
And mine can’t be broken
Not even with mightiest might

While you waited
Time did pass
I forgot about you
Nothing about you lasts

Now you are asking
For things from me
Things that I can’t give
Things I forgot how to be

I chased through time
I fought through wars
To stay with you still
But you chose to ignore

Now I can’t help you
Even if I tried
Because when you left
That part of me died

And there is no resurrection
And there is no meaning
It was all swept away
With that last shred of being

Like a tide from the ocean
That laps waves through
It washed over me
Until I saw anew

So please forget it all
Forget everything you knew
Because it’s not there anymore
No friend, no love, no truth

Once upon a time
You belonged here
You missed your own ending
And I chose to disappear

You can’t bring me out
From the hiding I’m in
Erase me instead
So other stories can begin

It was different than you thought
But understand faith changes, too
We are mere memories, dreams
Your mind can bring you back to

I already did it once for me
But I can do it again for you
Goodbye, for always, love
Goodbye to everything we knew

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