Silent Excuses for Stagnant Shame

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Your actions hurt more than yourself.

Submitted: April 08, 2008

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Submitted: April 08, 2008



Black cat saunters past me
I choose against superstition tonight
Get in the car; get there fast
Everything’s going to be alright
Dancing like I’ve lost it all
Polluting liquor in my veins
The night is young; so am I
I won’t stop until it rains
Even the rain would be
So sweet on this skin
I would soak it up, sponge it
This night has yet to begin
Not thinking twice
Get back in the car
Take off with fury
Not getting very far
Authority restrains me
Taking me to its home
Throw me in its dungeon
Now I’m all alone
Four closed walls
Emitting ice from its foundation
Ice onto my skin
Won’t cool down my frustration
Looking around to see
All the things I’m not
I don’t belong here
Yet, you see, I got caught
Night slowly turns to dawn
My stomach turns violently
They will be here soon
I whisper silently
But dawn breaks
And no one came
Lying alone, still
With my stagnant shame
While the night is over
It’s still not the end
Now to broadcast my disappointment
Now for my integrity to bend
Watching the let down
Seep from your eyes to cheeks
My mouth opens but no words
Silent excuses will now speak
At rope’s end
I fray at the let go
I fell into the dark
Dying this death, so slow
While I feel life has beat me
Into a bloody, lifeless corpse
I regret to see your reflection
Too see what I’m doing is worse
Now we both lie
On the cold floor again
Bleeding from our wounds
Looking for means to an end

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