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A poem on the homeless

Submitted: March 12, 2008

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Submitted: March 12, 2008



The rain fell on me

so much like every problem

consuming,numbing me

I don't know how to solve them

So I walked on

dark night and cold streets

my steps slushing heavily

not knowing who I'd meet

My heart wore heavy with a cross

I'd rather burn than bear

I want to rip it from my being

pretend it was never there

Street lights flickered fast

covered in a mist, I was blind

until this man I met

expanded my mind

In a time I was alone

I needed something real

I was completely numb

until he forced me to feel

You need to believe, he said

but sir, I'm dead. what do I do?

Just look for it, believe, he said

Soon it will come to you.

He sits on a corner everyday

you walk blindly past

wasting your money, living your life

not caring if today is his last

Imagine living in a world

where you are invisible to sight

no one knows or cares

you blend in like the night

How did you get here?

it doesn't matter, he said

all that matters is I'm here

he replied,lowering his head

His face dirty all over

but his eyes penetrated through

peiercing blue and remarkable

with wisdom he wants to show you

On a night I was lost

A stranger saved me in the rain

giving me the optomistic faith

forcing me to live again

My name is Dennis, he said

I hope I didn't offend you

No sir, you helped me

I promise, one day I'll help you

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