The Veil

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Just something that touches lightly on women's rights and terrorism.

Submitted: March 13, 2008

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Submitted: March 13, 2008



I sit in my apartment

staring at my luxeries

gazing out my window

to see my quite city street


Thousands of miles away

another woman will do the same

hearing bombs on her street

barely allowed to say her own name


I relax wearing shirts

that bear my free skin

But she'd be beaten for that

It would be a sin


I get scared when alone

fearing my own imaginary villain

She's alone and scared, too

but of machine gun-toting men


I dream of a new life

outside of this small city

she just wants to be where

she can unveil, show she's pretty


I want more for myself

A successful life with opportunity

she wants more too:

the opportunity to be seen.


For the woman she is,

Not some faceless ideal

Not just a Muslim woman

but an educated person who feels


Veiled or unveiled

American or Muslim

We are the same women

striving to become someone


Terrorism has no face

Just an angry, violent heart

All people, all colors

Bind to pull it apart


Terrorism is not all Muslim

It can be anything

Maybe American or Russain

All nations make its being


The next time a veiled woman

appears showing nothing but her eyes

Don't label her a terrorist because

Her veil disguises what's inside


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