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flaws of us all

Submitted: February 02, 2012

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Submitted: February 02, 2012



As people we are flawed in a very simple sense. 

People think and are sure they know you.

They dont know you, they know pieces.

a person is like a shattered mirror,

so many pieces, so many slivers.

We pick a little piece of a person. and..

automatically assume we know that person.

That all we ever see is that one sliver.

And we define and judge with this.

we all do it, were all guilty of it. were flawed.

its surreal and sick all people judge and are judged.

They take the slightest thing and write your life with it.

they think they know you, they think they know me.

They honestly feelthey know you better then you. or better then anyone else.

these strangers are experst on you. people do this cause its been done to them.

Its called the shatered definition theory.

Its based on the princiiple that everyone know everyone through bad judgement.

Quite intereresting when you think about it. in theory everyone is there own person.

Until we drop our mirror and it shatters people pick up a piece and judge you.

from this one minor detail. This is who you are to them. you are belittled.

And dont for a minute say youve never judged. or been judged.

Think about this the next time you judge someone, at that very second.

Thay are juding you they've already found that sliver that apealed to them.

I'd like to say everyone will agree with this poem, but it will be judged.

some will laugh so its a poor write but i dont care. JUDGE ME!

I have acceopted the slivers that define me im flawed and i know it

I love myself. do you. To judge is a norm in todays world.

as is bein judged. we are judged cause of core values.

looks, likes, dislikes what we eat where we live, who are parents are.

a neverending list. we as individuals need to judge.

it developes a sense od self respect. we are all monsters,

We are only human. were not perfect. I judge people.

my own parents judge me. and to be honest.

i probably judge more then most. i am flawed.

just remember as much as we judge others, how often do you think we judge ourselves unwillingly.

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