the boy friend i never had (Love Affair)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

a poem about a love affair


The boyfriend I never had- by Dominique Moffett
The boyfriend I never had
The one that call me and txt me saying I wanna see you so lets meet
The one that I told everything to 
The one that called me his boo
The one that sent me late night texts saying I love you
The boyfriend I never had
The one that was so special to me 
The one that I always wanted to see
The one that I thought I couldn’t live without 
The one that I knew I loved without a doubt
The boyfriend that I never had 
The one that did anything to make me made me smile
The one that turned my whole world around 
The one that I would do anything for 
The one  that always said he loved me more
The boyfriend I never had 
The one that always held me tight 
The one that I couldn’t be with until night
The one that hugged me and kissed me 
So I thought it was all sweet and let him take my virginity 
The boyfriend I never had 
The one that I wanted so bad
The one that said I was so special to him
But I felt like his love for me was a kinda dim
The one that I gave my all to
The one that made me feel like a fool
The one that broke my heart 
The one that tore my life apart
The boyfriend I never had 
The one that left me sitting there so sad
The one that said his feelings for me will never end
The one that said we still should be friends 
The one that said he have strong feelings for me 
The one that told me we could never be
Because he had a whole other family and a life
Let me tell you he had 2 kids and a wife
I knew it all along
But I was tryna hold on strong
Not thinking bout what I was doing so was wrong
I just wanted to be loved 
Everybody needs to be loved ain’t that’s what the man said above
I thought what he was telling me was so true
I thought his desire to love me grew
I thought he was gone leave her for me… but the lies he told me is what I couldn’t see
Now he texting me saying he want a late night quickie
Do I txt back? 
nope I don’t reply
Haha yeah I want to leave his ass sitting horny and dry
Don’t sit and text my phone when your wife is gone and you all alone
Now you sitting there feeling so dumb because you thought the day I reject you will never come
Now you mad because I got a man 
Now you sitting here wishing my relationship will end 
So I can come running back to you again
But I got news for you boo boo 
My beginning was your end and
I will never let you drag me down again
But yeah like you said we still should be friends

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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