Bear me out

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an experimental piece

Submitted: October 23, 2011

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Submitted: October 23, 2011



I've been flirting with this idea for qwite som time now.

alt I'm not shur that it wil fly but I'm going to give it a try.

Peepol ar great, in ther own right.

The esance of gratenes is within us all.

We are, in fact, capabl of doing anything, aside from certan confines (of cors).

Thees confines, that I refer to, come from many sorses, both inside and outside arselvs.

By this tym, you may hav gathered the nature of my xpeariment, wich I'm atempting in this esay.

I'm not giving this thing a try without som intrepidation but only by trying it out, I decided, could I asertain its posible valu or efect.

Some concerns that I had wer that peepol would think I can't spel or perhaps that I'm lazy; posibly, that I was even trying som sort of texting thing.

Even so, in regards to this xperiment,I hav to relie uponposibl readers, if any, to help me sort between any one or more of the folowing to help me evaluate; creative,silly, worthles, hilarios, pathetic, crazy, facinating, rebelios, etc...

I'm shur that many would think this paper unusual but very few, if any, would think it genios.

So far, mainly, I can meerly admit that I'm at least geting a chukl out of it.

One of my beleefs tends to be that "lafter is the best medisin". Therfor, I'm going to continu with this litl efert, nuntheles.

At any rate, I'm growing bored, as I'm gesing that you ar as wel so ther you have it; for beter or for wurs, wich, by the way, seems to be our plot in life.

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