Black Cat

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Meant to be a braided form and a play (I know; impossible)

Submitted: April 09, 2012

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Submitted: April 09, 2012



Scene:In the living room at Tom’s grandmother’s house with “Columbo” playing on the T.V. in the background.

Bill:It sure is hot in here (picks up his jacket from an armchair and puts it on)

Tom:I’m kind of cold (takes his jacket off)

Bill:Why did you take your jacket off?

Tom:The question is what did you go and put your jacket on for?

T.V:(Columbo with hands up) you don’t have to answer.

Bill:I’m going outside and it’s cold out there.

Tom: Whoa, hold on a minute, I know it is cold out there. I just came in. That’s why I took my jacket off; because you’re right, it is hot in here.

Bill:(Takes his jacket back off and sits down on the couch) All your grandma said was to wait for you.

T.V.(Columbo) Lieutenant! I think I’m crazy.

Tom:I know, she told me that you would be here.

Bill:Well, why did she want me to wait for you?

Tom:I don’t know, did she say where she was going?

Bill:She said she was going to get you.

T.V:(Columbo) isn’t that something.

Tom:Hmm, she told me that she was going to pick up her clothes at the laundry mat and then she would be right back home.

Bill:Oh, well, I was in the neighborhood and I just thought that I would stop by to see if you were here.

Tom:O.K. what’s on your mind?

Bill:Do you know anyone who would like a cat?

Tom:Your cat?

Bill:Yeah, Toby; the new management says we can’t have pets anymore.

Tom: Hmm, that stinks; maybe the neighbors would be willing to take in another one.

Bill:Your grandma’s neighbors?

Tom:Yeah, but maybe twelve is already enough.

T.V:(Columbo motions at his dog) He just sits around and drools.

Bill:I guess the only way to find out is to go over there and ask.

Tom:You feel like coming with me?

Bill:Sure (They both get up and put their jackets back on)

T.V:(close up of Columbo) I’m just trying to do my job.

{Just then Tom’s grandmother (Louise) comes in the front door.

Louise: Oh, good, you’re both still here. I can’t believe what just happened (shaking her head back and forth)

Bill & Tom:(in unison) what?

Louise: (changing the channel on the T.V.) I hit a cat.

Bill & Tom: (in unison) Oh, no!

Tom:Is it O.K.?

Louise: I think it is dead!

Bill:Was it moving?

T.V:(Master’s Golf Tournament; a South African guy just got a double eagle on a par 5 hole)

Louise: (Tears in her eyes) no and there was blood (still shaking her head).

Tom:Here, let me get your jacket for you (puts it on the armchair)

Bill: Was it a black cat?

Louise: No, a white one.

Bill:(sighs in relief)

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