Circumstances of Irony

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Submitted: October 02, 2012

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Submitted: October 02, 2012



Circumstances of Irony

Simple ways of describing complex phenomenon can seem impossible on one hand, yet the

idea that Irony exists as a simple one of these ways, can be plausible, on the other hand. Provided that,

a number of various factors, come or don’t come into play with another set of similar factors or not. In

other words, I’m having difficulty with the prospect of doing so here; (in this paper/describing).

Still, what I’m driving towards, is that a “broad/more encompassing” understanding would

require less details to put out (write), whereas, a more detailed understanding of mechanisms (goals)

etc… would require many more words; including examples.

[I like to be flexible in these matters, however, flexibility is lessened by its essentiality (must)

aspect, associated with irony, in this case.]

I felt that beginning this essay with a little of myself would serve the types of mechanisms

incorporated herein; as an example of my thinking processes. Therefore, I’m including similar

examples which will attempt to describe the subject at hand; by being the example. Meaning; in so

many words, that the following example is not a clear example, despite the physicality (order) of the

sentence itself; as we shall see. In that sentence (last wrote) I do see the principle of Irony, in

expression; because the following example refers to this one (says what it means but doesn’t mean

what it says?) yes, but hopefully, you see the compunction too. Having said all that, I believe this

paper is off to a roaring start, regardless of how one may feel about a roaring start, good/bad.

This, in turn, leads to another thing, which I would like to mention about shifting criteria (mine)

that I’ve noticed in regards to value judgments; mainly, to avoid them, when not necessary, as I hope

will be the case here: (LAUNCH)

I feel a kinship towards irony because of its apparent, innate, inability to clearly state it’s

Intentions to be helpful, regardless of its ability. Therefore, I hesitate to trivialize it by saying; “It’s the

thought that counts.” In this context, “It’s the thought that counts,” has an ability to shift meaning, by

exchanging emphasis between thought and counts. That and its ability to fit in BOTH senses of

the word, has taken me a further step towards my belief that irony’s usefulness and ability to describe,

at least one, fundamental aspect of the very nature of creation itself. The arrival, at which, is in itself,

a transformation. The ability or rather nature of things to have their complimentary aspect is quite

diverse but a striking example is life/death; ultimate parts to a single phenomenon.

Possible keys to understanding irony better, relates to having more than just one (key). Also,

Irony’s In-aversion (has no say) to the multi-functionality, it is able to express, when asked by its

Users (us), clearly shows its power to convey meaning, even if only in regards to a particular request.

In the following, I will go into what makes the conveyance of meaning stick to a word, by asking; “Is

the conveyance of the meaning of a word, Purely, shared agreements? Or does the word itself possess

some quality which better enables the entire process of meaning conveyance?” Other than, of course,

those elements which proceed and follow the word in the sentence itself; sharing/imparting roles of

information with the word in question. If this sounds confusing, you should hear the stuff which

helped predicate this.

Essay #1 (part 2)


The ideas/situations which Irony serves, tend to share an unexpected (unique) quality, which relates

to the unknown causes or reasons for Irony to relate. For example:

Our feet, mainly, the bottoms; the soles, is still plural so in order to be further specific, I’ll say;

The sole of a foot; still, more specific, is any foot, yet, here is where we see an instant shift from 1

to innumerable or indefinable And I’m still in the process of merely setting up a thing to say

something about that thing, which, in this case, happens to be Irony?

This is where the “study of” is actually simpler (in understanding) than the thing itself; as in,

Numerology (common) and numeric or numerator (singular/odd: use).Therefore, the further one

travels to reach a particular, specific, reference point, the more obscure it becomes, by route (fruits of

Irony/Finally/almost). To finish the original example of our feet; any foot, generally, supports the

weight of its charge; in transition. For example; in walking, there is a distribution of the entire load

being carried between two feet. Or, in the case of a table/chair, the distribution of weight is between

four feet (not to be confused with 4’- obviously). Now (finally), I hope that I can say,” We’re getting

somewhere,” with, at least a minimal amount of satisfaction, with this: The surface of any foot, be it hard or not, is an area which exists between a supporting feature (foot) and a contact feature (sand, sock, shoe, road, floor, the moon, water, etc…) [I see humor and Irony as good friends; (Pluck Me! /stick a fork in its Ares, not because it’s well done, merely, ready for consumption]. An appropriate sensitivity at this precise area is called for, in regards to the weight (importance) of its charge; hence, the ticklish foot. In simpler terms, our feet bear all our weight when standing upright yet remain, perhaps, the most sensitive area on our body; illustrating a simple form of Irony.

The fruits or sons of Irony are an extension but nonetheless, perpetuate it; (Pluck Me!]. The fruits? of Irony, indeed:

  • The highest state of Ethics is found when it no longer concerns morality, but “well-being,” instead.
  • Man-kind is king of the proverbial “defector” hill; on Earth. (no contest)
  • The people who fear chaos are the ones who, inadvertently, live in it.
  • Living, breathing, words are full of fatalistic reality because they too have a wholeness (complete) aspect, which, if not transforms, annihilates.
  • Those who choose not to maintain the negative realities of this world are not long for it. Additionally/coincidentally? the shifting meanings contained in the prior sentence (not long for it), have no bearing/in other words; fit either sense.
  • Only “inadvertently” speaks for inadvertent.
  • In the following statement, the parenthesis also refers to the semi-colon: First and last; I am human (can go anywhere on the page; beg./mid./end.)

In summary, we/I see that it has been quite a stretch, just to get some of the initial ideas which were occurring when the prospect of writing this paper began. The fore knowledge of unexpectedness, which tends to occur when doing most anything for the first time, gave me just enough confidence to proceed, regardless of precisely where/how the attempt would wind up. As I realized later, that I completely strayed from the actual assignment by not beginning with a found example of an ironic principle, the unexpected situation was one of too little or way too many possible directions, that this paper could take. Regardless, I learned some unexpected things through the process and I thank you, dear reader, for bearing with me.

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