Dan's Morning

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My only short story.

Submitted: November 18, 2009

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Submitted: November 18, 2009




Dan was freaked out, "I've never felt so lonely," he thought to himself while the Sycamores rustled outside in the cool breeze. The last day of summer was approaching at a much too rapid rate. The girl of his dreams was nowhere to be seen. She had given him the slip once again. His memories would not let him forget the sweet taste of her lips, the silken hair and the delicate touch of her eyes. In dreams they had met many times, seemingly under the guise of many lifetimes.

Cocoa was suddenly startled; the hairs on her back were bristling as she let out a low frightened humming noise. Cocoa was Dan's cat. She had been a gift from that mysterious place where all cats seem to have come from. Without warning she jumped and was out the cat door. She strode slowly through the tall grass in the back of the house, pausing occasionally to sniff the air. Did she hear something or was it more just a feeling?

Dan could not get back to sleep. Resignedly, he got up to make some coffee. He wasn't one to drink coffee on a regular basis but it sounded inviting on this particular occasion. The wind was picking up outside, howling now as it whirled in its own crazy dance. Dan was ready to get dressed for the day and he remembered that he had left his clothes in the dryer the previous night. When he went to retrieve them the dryer was empty. Where had his clothes gone to? He lived alone and no one had been by the house recently. Just then the phone rang. "hello?" Dan answered curiously, "Mary? I haven't heard from you for a while-an accident?" "Yes, my screen door was open, slamming in the wind and when I went to close it I slipped on the step, nearly breaking my ankle" Mary said exasperatedly. "Oh dear! What can I do to help?" Dan replied."Do you have an Ace bandage and an aspirin perhaps?" "I believe so," said Dan, "I'll be rightover."

Mary is Dan'sneighbor so he dressed in the clothes that he wore the day before then he collected the bandage and aspirin and hurried over to Mary's place. The front door was locked so he went around to the back door. It was open. He saw Mary at the kitchen table. She said, "Did I wake you?" "Oh no, I was having trouble sleeping because of the wind, I think." He gave her the aspirin and the bandage. "You'll need to stay off that foot for a while. Can I get you anything else?" "No. Thank you," said Mary,"You really are very kind for coming over". Mary is a widow, recently retired from the railroad. She used to run a shuttle service for some of the workers. "Just let me know if there is anything else that I can do," said Dan as he was leaving. "Oh I will. Bye now."

Going out the door Dan nearly slipped on the same step that Mary had. "I'll have to watch that one," he thought to himself then he saw something peculiar. It was one of his socks, right there on the porch. How strange, he thought, I didn't see it there when I came in.

Back at his house Dan discovers that his clothes are now in the dryer where he had left them last night. All, of course, except for that one sock. Perhaps he had only "dreamed" that the dryer was empty but that wouldn't explain the one sock which he still held in his hand.

The whole situation was confusing and this made Dan tired so he went back to sleep to be, once again, with the girl of his dreams.

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